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Section Last Updated: 10.12.11

Name: Jarod Cornett

Age: 31

Location: Central Illinois

Internet Aliases: J-Rod; Darth Boots; Violet Frost

Musical Interests: Electronica (Trance/Dance/Techno), Rock, Pop (many others, with the exceptions of jazz, screaming death metal, classical, and so on)


Smoke?: Never ever have, never ever plan to

Drink?: No

Do Drugs?: Never ever.

Have a girlfriend?: Not currently

Any secret crushes?: Maybe... just maybe.

What do you look for in a girl?: If I can make her laugh and vice versa... if she's not a super bitch, or random mood swing city, and someone I can trust... and talk to without melting... and at least somewhat cute ;)

Have children?: No. Four rowdy cats are almost equivalent though.
  Want children?: Not really... Would I date a girl with children? It depends. It may or may not be possible that the girl I currently might or might not have a crush on (I'm honestly not sure if I do yet...) has a child...

   Have names for children in mind?: If I ever had one -- Mia Lynn, Violet, or Tiffany. Maybe Amy. But if I ever have a girl, her name is definitely Mia Lynn. The other names on the list would have to fight over the second girl.
     What if it's a boy?: The mother can name them then, as long as it's not Twilight-based! ;)

Like your job?: Uh... not really, but I like almost everyone I work with so that makes it tolerable.

Been pulled over by police?: Yes
   What for?: Speeding, and 'BS' reasons (having a colored license plate cover, having a license plate light out, having a dashboard decoration 'blocking' my view [totally wasn't])
 Ticketed?: Yes, once.
   What for?: Speeding
 Arrested?: No
Had police come to your house looking for you?: Yes, three times.
  lol, why?: Once it was to retrieve my underage girlfriend at the time who ditched school to come hang out, once because I shot a friend with a paintball on a drive-by and he got mad, and once because that same friend got caught with a paintball gun at school that he got from a different friend but told police he got it from me (though I was able to prove to the officer that I still had mine by retrieving it from the closet and showing him). In no cases did they ever 'take me downtown'.
Been in a police car?: Yes, after a wreck in St. Louis the responding police transported me to the nearby Airport so I could fetch a ride home with a coworker.


Colors: Dark Purple and Black

Bands: VNV Nation, The Birthday Massacre, Within Temptation

Songs(current): Electronaut (VNV Nation), Perpetual (VNV Nation), Chrome (VNV Nation), In The Dark (The Birthday Massacre), Pins And Needles (The Birthday Massacre), Control (VNV Nation).

Movies (all time): The Hunt For Red October, followed closely by The Princess Bride and Spaceballs.

Television Shows: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Roseanne, Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Books: Angefalls (Jarod Cornett), Empress of the World [and sequel The Rules for Hearts] (Sara Ryan)

Games(all time): Unreal Tournament '99 (PC), GoldenEye 007 (N64), Final Fantasy VII (PSX), Gauntlet Legends (N64), Left 4 Dead (PC), Borderlands (PC)

Sodas: Dr. Pepper, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mtn Dew Pitch Black, Mtn Dew LiveWire

Non-carbonated drinks: Lipton Extra-Sweet Pureleaf Tea, or Micky D's Sweet Tea. Or Chocolate Milk.

Foods: Pizza... uh... Pizza Rolls... uh.... Bagel Bites... Toaster Strudels... Pocky is om nom... yeah.

Animals: Cat (MEOW!)

Hair Color: Black with Purple mixed in (This isn't MY hair color... just my favorite)

more to come as I think of stuff. Suggestions / Questions? darthboots@yahoo.com


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