The Feed - The latest and greatest of my internet treasures!

Each time I update the site with new content I'll post my latest and greatest find on YouTube or the interwebs here (or old finds that I feel need to be seen). Some of this may be "OLD!" to you, but not to someone else, so please, don't hate if you've seen it before. I usually won't mention an update to this page in the news, just be aware that it does update every time I update the site without fail unless mentioned otherwise.

This one is just fun. Annoy your friends and family! Or edit barely-accessed and unknown websites with it playing in the background. Either are acceptable uses. There's a 10 hour version here, but the audio on it is much quieter.

Previous Feed Description:
This has become one of my favorite YouTube channels lately. This is a rare video from him because generally it's a top-down view and you don't get to see him aside from his hands, but this one is just great. He usually takes things apart, usually dodgy pieces of electrical tech, to see how they work (or, often, how they don't work or how they could kill you).

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LAST UPDATE'S VIDEO: Big Clive promo clip - Seriously though, if you like taking shit apart, this guy's for you.

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