Song Parodies

Much like Weird Al Yankovic, I've been doing song parodies for many years. The main difference is I've never really recorded one or put them out there. I started doing them around the late 90s/early 2000s, at first based on work at Dairy Queen, and then on EverQuest, and so on about various topics. I have maybe 13-ish of these, I don't write them often. But, for your enjoyment, here they are. Where it's possible, I'll be posting a video of the original song on the page so you can "sing along". All my parodies are full length and, for the most part, match syllable for syllable (not always rhyme for rhyme though, in other words, the original song might rhyme with "e" where my version does not) with the original. They definitely won't appear here in order that I wrote them, but it's whatever. Enjoy!

NOTE: I've found most of the old songs and posted them at this point. The ones that are missing now are mostly newer ones that I believe are stored on a hard drive I don't have connected at the moment.

No D/T

No Drop

Framerate For Nothin'

To Be Beat

Making A Cake For Me

Drive-Thru Girl


One Step Closer

Cat City

No Heals

THESE SONGS ARE MISSING: They were done or mostly done, but I've no idea where the copies are.

Pet Shop
- In Production

You're A Homo
- It's done, I just can't find it. I think it's on a hard drive that I don't currently have connected.

- In Production. This is mostly done, but like the above entry, I think it's on that same hard drive.

Aisa's On A Run - No idea where this is, I think I have a physical copy somewhere, most likely in the storage shed.

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