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What is this site? In case you were asking yourself that, this is my playground to talk to the world... or at least a small portion of it. The main feature of the site is the Rants! section, where I like to gripe about various topics in a style similar to James Rolfe's character The Angry Video Game Nerd. I also do the occasional review (be it movie, game, map/mod for a game, etc), I write serials and song parodies, I may eventually come up with a few rage comics, maybe... whatever else I think of.

If you're offended by strong language, you probably won't have fun here, but if you have the right sense of humor, then perhaps you will. All joking aside, the site is meant to entertain if you have the right mindset for it... don't take anything too seriously and have fun!


12.12.17: So I just noticed THIS being a thing... Even though it's been like half a year now since that article was posted, I'm just noticing it today because images on this very page were broken. Photobucket has been getting consistently worse over the years and the site has run slow as hell for ages now, not just this year. I think it's about time I stopped using it. I only noticed the broken images today, so several images around the site 'might' be broken until I fix them, which I may do here shortly. It depends on if Yola or Photobucket hosts a given image as to if it will be broken or not. I think the majority of them are Yola-hosted though, and if not, they will be in the near future. Gonna poke around here now and see what's what...

Also early next year I might look at changing site hosts again, as the domain name renewal is coming up in Feb I believe, so I might be able to get it all done as a package deal somewhere (not GoDaddy). Yola has been a consistently good host but the editor is sometimes annoying, especially when doing these multi-font size news updates and editing links.

While I've got the editor open, I'll be poking at various entries that have been here for years and years (the 'current picture' is hardly current. Maybe like 5 years ago or something it was...). Just reading the site intro... like, wow. Rage comics? Those haven't been a thing since the dark ages it feels like. I'm going to update that shortly, though I'll still leave the part about AVGN because yes, I'm still a huge fan and I still watch The Nerd on a literally-daily basis.

All that being said, the Rants page got edited ever so slightly today...

9.20.17: Yep, I still exist! I just made an update to the No Heals song, a sort-of-but-not-quite rewrite to make it mo' betta'. Check it out.

5.28.16: Fixed a bunch of broken links in the song parodies section. Okay, they weren't really broken, but the videos were pulled from YouTube for copyright, so I replaced them with versions that haven't been yet.

4.14.16: Updaaaate! Yep. So I take back what I said about no longer updating the Yola version of this site, because it's now the only version. What happened was the GoDaddy version expired and I let it run past the 20 days or whatever, mostly due to being too lazy to fix it but funding was a slight problem there too. Anyway, apparently they deleted the entire rebuilt version of the site due to the lapse. Pretty dumb. They will remain the registrar for the site for the year, and darthboots.com will now forward to the Yola version. As such, the darthboots.com url will change to the yolasite one for all pages here.

In other news, that webshow I mentioned a few years back is due to be started up again this year, probably next month. Right now I'm trying to save up cash to get my PC VR-ready, which means $600+ for a GTX 980 or higher and another $800 for a Vive, because Lord Gaben.

In yet more news, I'm working at McDonald's again, and last time I worked there I had lots of extra money to just waste on frivolous things, and that's the case again. Rent's caught up, bills are paid (except a few older ones, working on those currently to get my credit score back up), so woo for that. I'll probably do a rant on the whole Fight for $15 thing at some point in the near future, too, I just have to collect my thoughts on it first.

Anyway, TL;DR: GoDaddy is gay, new content at some point this year, and keep an eye on my YouTube for the return of Breaking Stuff in May or June!

8.5.15: Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to update the Yola version of the site anymore, but the Song Parodies section hasn't been built on darthboots.com yet, so enjoy.

6.17.14: New review: DDR Xbox 360.

4.1.14: This isn't a content update but I wanted to mention that I started a new webshow over on my YouTube channel (/MyNameIsViolet), and it's all about breaking stuff with arrows. Mostly compressed cans of stuff, but we will get into electronics in the near future and possibly other cool stuff. The first few episodes will have some audio issues, but we'll get those sorted by #4 hopefully. (The Feed did NOT update since there isn't actually a content update with this post).

3.10.14: Cat City, bitch, cat cat city bitch.

New Parody.

2.17.14: I posted some of the aforementioned bunch of old files. You'll find those in the Song Parodies section. Also, my 10-ish year old cat Moo Cow is sick and I fear for his life, so keep him in your thoughts. The impact of his death on my emotional state would be devastating and would definitely affect my ability to do anything effectively for at least a week, and the hole his passing would leave in me would never fill. I'll post any news on that next update, whenever that may be. (2016 Edit cause I forgot about posting this here: The cat is fine).

2.4.14: So I discovered a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of old files from the late 90s/early 2000s. Assuming recovery of them goes well (jury's still out on some of the more fun files) there'll be an influx of new content here probably. I've already added a new story to the Serials section, but it's not a serial, so that section will likely be renamed to something relevant to writing in a future update.
     *New story: The Adventures of Kryliene, Episode 1

1.1.14: Happy Noob Year!
     *Rant #31 - Fucking Society! Shit just got real...
     *Fixed a couple of errors in metadata.

10.11.13 Holy crap it's an update... with content! This morning I woke up and remembered something that I could do a rant on and so, here you have Rant #30: It's Not Even Funny...
I also made a slight edit to the Hashtags on Facebook rant, a quick two line comment about how they are supported there now. Head on over to the bottom of that rant if you're interested to see what I have to say about that.

On a side note, if you just happened to visit the site in the last week or two randomly, you may have noticed big red text about one of my friends being reported missing. She was found safe a few days ago, in case you were wondering what happened with that.

9.27.13: You may (or may not) have noticed
that the site went down for a day. I'm betting not. Anyway, domain name expired, blah blah, not much money on hand to renew it but I did it anyway and I was under the impression that renewing the sitebuilder thing would also renew the domain. Thanks for lying to me on that one, Yola. Regardless, it's fixed for the next year. I know it's been a good 5 months since the last update. I've been ... lazy. Hey, it happens. I'm still alive, but I don't have much planned for the site for the immediate future. Winter is coming, though, and I'll have more "indoors" time and who knows, maybe I'll get some more stuff on here. We'll see. As usual, if you care to be notified about any future updates -- dat Twitter. That's pretty much the only thing I use Twitter for anyway, so I won't likely clog up your feed.

Yay for a current picture! That's only two computers you see there, one has dual monitors. And no, the Mountain Explosion at my feet is not mine. I wouldn't drink that swill.

About Me: I'm pretty much your average gamer guy and I love cats and kittens (I have four six, but I can't hug every cat =x). Work most days, game most nights. YouTube, Twitch, Steam, Instagram, Twitter.

Anyway, I'm just trying to have some fun while I can and goof around as much as possible. I'm extremely sarcastic, all the time. Get used to it.

I'll add some more to this section eventually, as I'm a huge procrastinator, but we'll talk about that later.

All Content and Logos on this website Copyright Lunatic Pandora Productions 2017. Many random images, artwork, and other company logos (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, pictures on the Rants, etc) appearing throughout the site are copyright their respective creators and LP Productions takes no credit for images not created by itself. Many are found through Google searches. Got a problem with an image? Let me know - rikkuaino@gmail.com

Why yes, that is the Twilight font in the site logo, in case you were wondering.
And yes, I still hate Twilight.

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