The Adventures of Kryliene - Edited Version

Introduction bit

This story I wrote in 2002, after the Demon Quest Saga (probably). I decided I liked writing Kryliene's character and the EverQuest world in general, so I had intended to continue it with this series. I only ever wrote the first episode though and like two sentences of the second. I would love to continue the series in this day and age, but I'm so out of touch with the world of Norrath that I don't think I could do it very well. I remember a lot, but since I haven't actively played the game for nearly 10 years now, I wouldn't be able to accurately include NPCs and such in the areas that are visited in the story.

That being said, here's the first and only episode of The Adventures of Kryliene. It is slightly edited to fix spelling and grammar errors that I weren't aware of at the time of the original writing, but for the most part, is intact just as I wrote it on June 12, 2002.

The Adventures of Kryliene - #1: The Jacinth Tournament


    She awoke to excessive chattering outside of her home in Freeport. Whatever was going on in the city that day was preventing the girl from getting a good morning's sleep. Sitting up, Kryliene yawned.

    "What in the world is going on out there?" she wondered. She clambered out of bed and walked to a nearby window and opened it, looking down on the city of Freeport below her home in the northern district. The market was busier than usual, especially for the time of day it was, nearly 11am. People were everywhere, but not just the usual compliment of Humans and Half Elves. Dwarves, Wood Elves like herself, High Elves... pretty much any race that was allowed to be in the city was present. She even saw a Dark Elf with an Militia Insignia Ring, which told the other guards and citizens that she was cleared to be there, pass below her window.

    Kryliene was still boggling over the massive amounts of activity below when she heard the door below open. It closed and then footsteps came thumping up the stairs. She glanced behind her to see Fenani come into view after reaching the last stair.

    "Hey you're awake, finally," Fenani said.

    "Nice observation, genius," Kryliene retorted, earning a quick laugh from Fen. "How's a girl supposed to get any beauty sleep with all this commotion down there?"

    Fenani shrugged. "I don't know, but why would you want to sleep through the biggest event in this half of the world?"

    "Huh? I didn't know they held BeerFest at this time of year..."

    "Haha, no, not that event...although I guess that is significantly more important than this...err, umm, anyway, no: it's the Jacinth Tournament." Kryliene looked at Fenani blankly, wondering what in the name of Tunare she was talking about. "You're not serious..." Kryliene continued her stare. "Kry?" Blank stare. "Oh dear, you don't know about the Tournament that's been advertised for the past year?" Still, Kryliene said nothing. Fenani flopped down onto her bed with a sigh. "Hmm... I didn't know our roof was made of rock, cause you'd have to be living under one to not know about this thing. Okay Kryliene, I'll tell you about it. It's this big tournament that's taking place in the Western District, and pretty much all of the best fighters in the world will be there. There's lots of free food, lots of free drinks -- beer included, oh yeah! -- and lots of action and violence! What more could you ask for?"

    "One hundred thousand plats?" Fenani laughed.

    "Besides that you goofball. Anyways, it starts in two hours, just after noon. You might wanna get there early if you're going. I gotta go, last I saw they were running low on Honey Mead over at Tassel's. I've got to go snag some before they run completely out. See ya!" Fenani bounded down the stairs and out the door, pushing it shut behind her. Kryliene looked outside again and pondered the tournament. Should she go?

    "Ah who wants to go to a boring old tournament. I'm not even old enough to drink, and I can create violence all by myself. Just have to run to Oasis for that and find some orcs - hey! That's what I'll do, I'll go bash some orc skull! Whoo hoo!" Kryliene grabbed her clothing, changed really fast, grabbed her Velium Scimitar from the table near her bed, slid it into its sheath nearby, slung it around her waist, and left the house. She left the Northern District and passed through the Western, where there were even more people. She noticed that many of the regular merchants were not present at their shops. 'Probably watching the tournament,' she thought. Even Boomba the Big wasn't at his pickle stand. 'Probably participating in the tournament,' she thought with a giggle. She headed out of the city gates, nodding to the two militia guards on duty who wished her safe travels, and proceeded towards the Eastern Commonlands.

Destination: Oasis

    Kryliene trudged through the Northern Desert of Ro, being careful to avoid being sighted by any mummies, ghouls, or madmen. It's not that she couldn't kill them if she had to, but they were a hassle and interfering with her particular goal: The mass destruction of the orcs. She saw a sand giant walking in the distance, and took care to avoid that too. She eventually found the marker that separated North Ro from Oasis and headed towards the pond in the middle. Orcs were known to reside not too far from there. She decided to attempt an assault on orc highway. Once she found it, she knelt down on a sand dune and looked over at the highway. A fellow adventurer saw her and walked up to chat.

    "Greetings and Salutations," the High Elf said. "How are you feeling on this glorious day?"

    "I'm feeling like beating down some orcs, and if'n you don't be a little quieter, they'll hear you and find us. So SHHHH!"

    "Oh...sorry. I'll be quiet. Hey did you know that--!"


    "Oh... right. My fault. But anyway I was going to say that I learned this new spell, right, and when you cast it on something it creates this HUGE BALL OF FIRE AND GOES BOOOOM!!!!!!"

    "Gawd what did I tell you! GO AWAY if you can't be quiet, PUH-LEASE!!!" The High Elf looked a bit surprised by the reaction, but realized he was being excessively loud, and turned to go. He walked away, leaving Kryliene alone in the desert. She turned back to looking for a target as the sand shifted behind her unnoticed.....


    Kryliene continued to observe the alley as dusk began to fall, the time being around 5pm now, but after a moment she noticed that something didn't quite feel right. The atmosphere around her was suddenly different, from the time that the High Elf had left the area until now. Then she felt it. She wasn't alone. Slowly, she rose to her feet, placing her hand on her scimitar. Then, in one motion, she whipped around and drew her scimitar, turning to see what was behind her. Five orcs stood there glaring at her, weapons in hand. They carried swords and hatchets mostly, but one of them carried a staff.

    "Ummm... hi there," Kryliene stammered, knowing that five orcs at once were way beyond her ability. She took a step backwards, preparing to run. She took another step and bumped into something. Turning, she saw that two more orcs had gotten around behind her. She was trapped. She began chanting the first teleport spell that came to mind, but one of the five orcs from behind struck her down to the sandy ground. She took a slice at the assailing orc's leg, nearly removing it for him, and the others sprung into action. She blocked blow after blow with her scimitar and eventually fought her way to her feet. She jumped backwards and began chanting the words that would summon careless lightning to damage one of the orcs. She got the spell off but the others managed to reach her. She fought fiercely with them, killing two, but there were still five more. She managed to kill another before the orc with the staff took a swing at her legs, dropping them from underneath her, sending her to the ground yet again. Kryliene knew she was in a losing battle, and began chanting the first teleport spell that came to mind while trying to block off the attacks. She completed the spell and felt herself dematerialize, her energy particles lifting into the air. She also saw, as her vision faded, that the orcs also dematerialized. This could be bad. Hopefully she would land somewhere where others would be able to help her.

    Her world materialized onto a dirt-covered ground and people screaming and cheering. As the rest of her body formed, the noise stopped. Silence. She saw the orcs fade in around her as well, looking confused. She looked around and saw that she had landed smack dab in the middle of the Freeport arena, where the Jacinth Tournament was taking place. There were four armor-clad warriors in the arena at the moment, all looking her way. They all raised their swords and shouted "Look, orcs! And a Wood Elf ally to them!!! KILL THEM!!!" The warriors charged towards her position letting out warcries and yaulping. She had a very big situation here.

    Her time was running out. She jumped to her feet with her scimitar in hand and stood to face the oncoming warriors. "Wait!" she screamed, "I'm not an enemy!" But the warriors paid her no mind. They were closing fast. Kryliene chanted a spell, four times, slowing the movement rate of each warrior. They seemed to be struggling to even walk. She jumped backwards, past the orcs who were still taking in their new surroundings. They finally figured out what had happened and turned to face Kryliene once more. They started to move toward her. She held up a finger to them, stopping them for a second, then she shifted the finger to point behind them. They all turned as one to see the four warriors that were less than five feet from them. The orcs raised their weapons and attacked. As they fought, Kryliene looked around, hoping to spot Fenani in the crowd, but there were just too many people. Kryliene chanted a spell and faded away just as the warriors finished off the last of the orcs.

3 hours later...

    Kryliene entered her home in Freeport's northern district, wondering if Fenani was back yet. She was, and bubbling with energy.

    "Hi Fen, how was the tournament thingy?" Kryliene asked.

    "Wow Kryliene, you should've been there! It was totally awesome. For the main event there was going to be these four warriors fight each other, but some orcs appeared in the middle of the arena and the warriors all turned on them, and there was this other elf with the orcs too that apparently teleported them into the arena, but whoever the elf was escaped while the warriors were fighting the orcs, but wowie, it was cool. You should've seen it."

    "Sounds like it was interesting."

    "Yeah! So anyways, what did you do today?"

    "Ah, not much. Just teleported around a bunch..."

The second episode, titled "Dungeon Dash", was never written aside from the first two lines. IIRC, it was going to be about Kryliene and a Ranger (probably Cate, my Half-Elven Ranger in EverQuest who was featured briefly in The Demon Quest Saga - she was an alt at the time, but is my highest level character now and considered my main) and their misadventures in the nearby dungeon of Befallen, which was full of undead things, something that a Ranger and a Druid aren't exactly adept at dealing with. I didn't really have a plot to it since I rarely have a plot to my stories, I just write and let things happen. But yeah, there's that. It's cheesy to me now, but I thought it was great at the time. I may re-write this to be more awesome, I had some fun ideas while I was reading it before posting it here. We'll see.

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