Rant #31: Fucking Society
Posted 1.1.14

ANNOYANCE LEVEL: 4 1/2- Warning, this one's a little ranty... but that's kind of the point, isn't it?

What the fuck is wrong with our fucking society these days?! Yes, this one's actually me being serious. So many people are oversensitive about the stupidest fucking things, it's way beyond the point of obnoxious now and I suddenly feel the need to ring in the new year by bitching about it using excessive amounts of profanity to prove how awesome I am.

It seems like you can't say shit in this country (or the world via the interwebs) anymore without someone getting pissed off and forming an Army of Assholes to shove some PC (that's Politically Correct, not Personal Computer...) bullshit up your ass until you choke on it. This rant is undoubtedly inspired by the fairly recent fiasco over the whole Duck Dynasty thing, but these are thoughts I've had long before this with every bullshit story I read about some kid getting suspended because he drew a picture of a gun in class, or played cowboys and indians/cops and robbers and triggered an apocalypse and had to undergo psych evaluations for fear he might come in guns blazing, or the six year old who had charges filed against him because he kissed a girl he liked and stories like it.
Seriously? A fucking first grader charged with sexual harassment? He doesn't even know what sex is, get a fucking clue school systems. It's this kind of oversensitive bullshit that will singlehandedly be responsible for the loss of a huge portion of our rights, mainly Freedom of Speech.

On a side note, I don't watch Duck Dynasty, I never have, I don't even know what it's about, but as for Phil's comments about gays and whatever else he said that pissed off the gay community and anyone pretending to be a decent human being by getting butthurt and coming to their defense - the man's entitled to his opinion. He's also entitled to speak said opinion, regardless of how few or how many people agree or disagree with it. You know what else? SO ARE YOU. This is a fucking privilege that you have for living in this country. Do you want to lose it? Keep this shit up, and you will.

Let me table that for a sec, and comment on the italicized text in the previous paragraph. Why do straight people seem to think that they need to come to the defense of gay people in the name of "acceptance"? It seems to me like they're just trying to brag to everyone that they're a good person. "Hey, look at me, defending gay rights, aren't I just a lovely beacon of light?!" It's also as if they think that the gay populace are too weak too defend themselves. Sure, they shouldn't need to. In a perfect world, nobody would criticize or attack or hate them, or anyone. But last time I checked, this is earf. Welcome to it. We are not a perfect society. We probably never will be. As long as we have people on this planet with various personal or religious beliefs, we won't be. Do I think we shouldn't be allowed to have our own beliefs? Hell no. We should be allowed to say, do, and think whatever the fuck we want (within reason, of course). As for this whole trend this country seems to be on of going apeshit over someone saying something that isn't PC, I have this to say:

America, grow a fucking pair and get the fuck over it!

If you value your individual rights and freedoms at all, you, America, need to stop this shit as a whole. Stop being so pissed off at everything. Be nice to people and shit, it's not that difficult. Okay, some days it might be, but do it anyway. Unless that person poses a physical threat to you or your family, there's no reason to be an asshole to anyone, ever. Oh, you're having a bad day? Get over it, everyone does, and if you're even able to read this, you probably have it better than 90% of the world's population, so take that into consideration before you get all down and depressed about how much your life sucks.

TL;DR: Stop going apeshit about things that don't matter and be thankful you're even still fucking alive. People die every god damn day, count yourself lucky that today was not your day. Oh, and
Seriously, get over it. That seems to be the recurring theme with this one.
Also, Happy New Year you fucks.

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