A Novel by Jarod Cornett

For those unaware, my major career goal, assuming I ever really had one, has been to be an accomplished author. The major thing getting in my way = Video games. I play them far too often to ever work toward this goal. In high school, I wrote my first book, "Alien Execution", during my senior year, during every class (paying zero attention to them and doing zero homework and tests). It was terrible, and basically designed in a way that you could have made a game of it using the DOOM engine, but still, it was my first story, and I lost it at graduation. NO IDEA where it went, and I was infuriated, as I was working on the sequel at the time.

In the year 2000, after reading a friend's novel, a Final Fantasy VII fanfic, which was amazing and I still have the copy of it he gave me, I thought "I want to write something now..." and so, Angelfalls was born.

Angelfalls is my life's work. I started writing it in August 2000, and finished the first version on October 5th, 2003. Since then, I've been making small edits over the years and adding tiny bits of new things, correcting mistakes, etc, and not really concentrating on seeking publication. Only three people have ever read it, besides myself, all giving it positive feedback (those three know who they are, and their names begin with, in order, P, C, and S). Several months ago, I made many additions to the story and rewrote several parts of it, making it Angelfalls EX (EXtended Edit), and it has sat there since. Very recently I've picked it up again, and I am working on Angelfalls EX2, adding several new story sections and filling in missing story info and extending some of the plotlines that feel rushed to me (because they were). Once I've finished this, I intend to overhaul the first three or so chapters (the section I'm working on now is near the height of the story, in the last few chapters) and then begin heavily seeking publication. The story has sat idly on my hard drives for long enough, and it's high time I give it to the world!

Angelfalls is not a lone novel. There are sequels planned, in fact, Angelfalls II and III are being written side by side. I am in Chapter Four in AF2 and Chapter Three in AF3. It is not a trilogy, either. There will be at least five, each one introducing new characters as well as some old ones. Anyway, eventually I will flesh this section out to include actual story info, but for now, the details are hush hush, because I'm paranoid about the ideas being stolen. =D

Small update: I've spent the last two weeks banging away at EX2. I've added at least 10 pages to Chapter Twelve, and another two pages (at least) worth of content to various other chapters (total, not each). A new scene here and there, some details changed, etc etc. Correcting lots and lots of old grammar errors ("it's", I've learned since the original writing, is never used for possessive, only for "it is" or "it has", etc.), and apparently an ellipsis, which I use about a bajillion million times, is supposed to be made . . . like that. Though I'm still on the fence about actually doing it that way, though it might add a few pages to the overall total :P I am, however, adding a space to the end of them unless they're followed by a ", for now.

Anyway, I'll release a few small snippets now and again.

The main characters names: Lionel, Celia, Lillith, Mia, Timothy, and Mariana. These are the main "good guys", anyway.
Their "leader": Melchisedec Aileron.
His sidekick: Isoneran Giroyte.

The main villain: Oden Nivia.
His sidekick: Flint Andrews.

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