Just a quick intro! This guide will get you ready to play Arma 3 with us if you follow it exactly. I'll try to explain it like you're five, but meh, this should be enough. It does, however, assume that you have the game already installed and have at least run it enough to reach the main menu. This is necessary in some games to generate folders and files that a freshly-installed-but-not-yet-run-game may not have made yet. Dunno if it applies to Arma 3 or not, but Step 0 is Install and Launch Arma 3. Configure the in-game video settings to your liking. I wouldn't mess with the controls just yet other than inverting the mouse if that's your jam, because it will make it harder for me to tell you how to do something if you've changed the game's defaults.

This guide does not cover Enhanced Movement setup. For that, we'll either walk you through it during orientation, or you can watch this video to figure it out on your own.

Click the link above to reach the Steam page and press Subscribe To All! Let them download. You may have to launch Arma 3 and sit at the launcher for some of them. Check the MODS section of the launcher for progress reports.It's a sizable download (gigabytes), so it may take a while.

Download and run TeamSpeak. Make an account (save the key it will ask you about to a different drive if you have the option, or don't save it at all and take the low risk of losing access to that account forever) and connect to the server.

  1. On the main screen, go to Bookmarks > Add To Bookmarks
  2. Bookmark Name can be anything, but I suggest naming it something like Bacon of Hope TS Server or BoH TS or whatever - something that will identify it as ours to you.
  3. Nickname should be either your Steam or Arma 3 profile name.
  4. Server Address is bloft.typefrag.com
  5. Password = codes
  6. Press OK!
  7. Click Bookmarks and then select the server you just entered. It will be listed by whatever Nickname you chose for it.

Now you're connected to the server! OK! Exit TeamSpeak for the moment.

Step 3: Launch Arma 3.

Now that your mods are downloaded, it's time to enable them. On the launcher, go to the Mods section and checkmark the ones from the list. It should look something like this when you're all done... (note that not all mods we use are shown in this shot, and the list changes from time to time, this is just an example of what enabled mods looks like)


At this point, you should get some sort of notification during the loading process about the game having installed the Plugins to TeamSpeak. Read it over, probably press OK, and let the game load. Once it loads, tab out and relaunch TeamSpeak. Open the Options Menu (Alt + P) and go to AddOns. Make sure the ACRE2 plugin is listed and Enabled. It should look a bit like this:

Now connect to the server again. Click your own name and you should see something like this: 

It's okay that it says "No". It doesn't mean ACRE isn't working. To test it for sure, however, go into Arma's menu. Select Multiplayer > Server Browser > Host Game > just click through the next screen ignoring the name, port, etc. For missions, choose any of the COOP COMBAT PATROL missions (though technically most any multiplayer mission 'should' work). Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, and Malden all have them. Select Team Leader slot, launch the mission, pick literally any of the places to go. Once you're in, press and hold CAPS LOCK. At the bottom right you should see a big yellow and black box pop up and hear a beep in your headset/speakers. You should also open your inventory and look for an item with the number "343" in it. I believe it's something like 'AN/PRC 343', but don't quote me on that. If both of these are present, it's looking good. Press Alt-Tab and look at Teamspeak now. That "Arma connected: No" should now say "Yes". If it does, great job! It's installed and working properly. If not, let me know, and we'll troubleshoot it ASAP.

Final Step: Set PTT keys and change Arma 3's keybinds.

This one is a little tricky, but the basics of it is you NEED two push to talk keys with this mod. First, tab out to TeamSpeak, press Alt-P, and go to the Hotkeys section. You need to assign Push To Talk to both CAPS LOCK (ACRE's default radio key) and some other key of your choosing for non-radio chat. I personally use Middle Mouse for it because my mouse has a ring-finger click that is bound to that, but you need to choose carefully because whatever you select can't be a major action key in Arma 3 already unless you rebind that. Right Alt isn't a bad choice, or rebind Free Look to SPACE BAR and use Left Alt for Push To Talk.

To set the TeamSpeak Hotkeys, press ADD(1), then click where it says "No Hotkey Assigned"(2), press CAPS LOCK, then select PTT > Default(3), then OK, then press ADD a second time, your chosen hotkey (make sure to unbind it in Arma 3 if you chose something the game uses!), OK, and then OK(4) a second time.

While you're in TeamSpeak's options, click over to the Capture page (no picture provided, this one isn't hard), and check the button labeled "Push-To-Talk". This is the final step to engage PTT on TeamSpeak. As a side note, ACRE automatically mutes your mic at certain points in missions - if you're unconscious, dead, joined late and are spectating, etc etc, so if nobody is replying to you, that may be why. It isn't perfect about this, however, and sometimes you're muted when you shouldn't be. Try a restart of TS to fix it. ACRE can be frustrating sometimes.

Having done all this, you should be good to go! See you on the battlefield, soldier!

One final note: ACRE doesn't let you talk to players who are in a mission, so if you join to talk to us and we're actively playing Arma 3, we won't be able to hear you (assuming nobody is dead - they should be able to hear you, in theory), so my best suggestion at that point is to wait for the mission to end or hit someone up on Steam.

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