Gaming and Live Broadcasts

I've condensed the LIVE section and the previous Gaming & Steam section into this page. I've also taken out the list of Steam games I own, because you can see that at the link right down here.

Let it be known that I am first and foremost a PC gamer. 95% of the gaming I do is at my computer. And no, just because I play computer games does not automatically mean I play World of Warcraft (although I do, off and on). That as it may be, WoW is not the only PC game in existence. I play any number of games from lots of different genres, be it Call of Duty or Magicka or Lord of the Rings Online or Minecraft or Unreal Tournament or... (I could go on, but if you really want to see what I play, just check my Steam profile. That'll cover it for the most part). My PC is easily more powerful than the Xbox 360 or the PS3. I'm not hating on consoles, I do have an Xbox 360 as well, with games such as Halo (all of them) and Rock Band, but I just don't play them very often. My GT is Darth Boots.


Live Broadcasts, while they are rare, can be viewed below. Generally if you follow me on Twitter, I'll make a note of when I'm starting one if it's meant for public viewing, and include a link to this page. The first screen is for an Livestream broadcast, the second is for Xfire (which, oddly enough, is now powered by Livestream).

Watch live streaming video from darthboots at

In case anyone cares, my system specs are as follows:
Processor: 6 Core AMD Phenom II 3.3GHz processor | 8 GB RAM | EVGA nVidia GTX 470 | Win7 64 Ultimate | 5 hard drives for just over 2.5TB of total storage space | No special soundcard or anything fancy. My futureproofing for gaming is running out though, so upgrades will be happening in the near future :)

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