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This section contains little messages that are in semi-English that have been sent to me, or conversations of total ownings where one friend owns another, or "that's what she saids", etc. The player names will be left out of these but they will be replaced with Friend_##. Each number will apply to a specific person and you may see multiple entries from the same friend (for example, Friend_03 may appear in multiple entries. It is always referring to the same person as I have them all assigned to numbers in my notes). We have a certain friend in our circle that generally fails at typing, and most of the entries will be conversations with him. Enjoy!

 Seen on a YouTube comment on this video (pointed out to me by difascio)

          cop:your arestered
          sonic:for dotroying millons of car's
  • legosony00 2 days ago <-- You should all stop by his profile and tell him what a wonderful job he does at spelling and grammar.

So I'm at work, and a co-worker is trying to get another to work his morning shift, on a day she already works an evening shift.

Co-worker (M): So can you work for me 7 to 2, and then your normal shift is 4:30 to <whatever it was>?
Co-worker (F): I don't know, that's a really long day.
Co-worker (M): It's not that long.
Me, to Co-worker (M): That's what she said.

I saw this joke on the internet, so I figured I'd try it at work, and I knew just the target for it...

Me: Hey, Male Co-Worker, wanna hear a joke?
MCW: Sure.
Me: Pussy. *pauses for effect, to wait*
MCW: I don't get it.
Me: I know you don't. Awwwww yeah!
<everyone laughs>


Posted on my YouTube video "Left 4 Dead/L4D2 - Stunlocking the Witch:

"i dont know How to play with Name Only YOURNAME the Name Can some one give me Know?" I still have no idea WTF he is talking about.


So I'm at work, and I walk into the kitchen and catch the end of a conversation...

Co-worker: "That's a weird place to put it..."
Me: "That's what she said."
<laughter all around>


Friend_03: im writing a 1000 word paper and its pissin me the fuk off
Darth Boots: What, cause you don't know 1000 different words?
Friend_03: fuk you deucer
Friend_03: Friend_02's ****** ass said hed be on
Darth Boots: He was a bit ago
Friend_03: yea he went with me to menards
Darth Boots: you mean
Friend_03: and said he wuld be on
Darth Boots: he went down on your nards
Friend_03: wow
Friend_03: thanks for that
Darth Boots: lol
From a MySpace Whore's friend invite:
Jessica wants to be your friend!

wat's up we hsould caht msg me on aim at (**** **** **) or yahoo (*** **** ***) no spaces htough
(NOTE: I replaced the actual screen names she sent me with asteriks for privacy purposes, though it's unlikely she cares about privacy with 928382108313 friends)

Text Message: Friend_04: Dude the baby won't stop crying
Darth Boots: Silence is golden. Duct Tape is silver.

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