Our Minecraft Server: The World of Alcide
Last Page Update: 3.22.12

Jungles. Snow-covered forests. Great bodies of water. A world waiting to be uncovered. This is the world of Alcide.

The core players on this server are difascio, MyNameIsViolet, drendy88, and Commie_Wolf. They should be all be respected as admins because they can all have you banned from the server. The server is also whitelisted - that means you'll only be able to join by invitation.

Latest Server Announcements:
3.22.12 - Minecraft 1.2.4 has been released. DO NOT UPDATE Minecraft at this time if you wish to continue playing on the server.
It will be updated to 1.2.4 sometime in the coming weeks. Bukkit has a lot of catching up to do (our version is still 1.2.1 I think) so until they release a new version, we're staying where we are. You'll also likely break Rei's Minimap if you update (if you have it) so, just don't do it. The changes to Minecraft in this version aren't that crucial, so we're not missing out on anything big.

Also, you've probably noticed by now, but mob spawning has been re-enabled. You may also have noticed PvP is enabled so you can damage other players. This is a bug of some sort in the server config files and it's not supposed to be on, but I can't turn it off, so, basically, no killing other players unless it's an agreed upon duel or something.

3.12.12 - The Server has finally been wiped and everything is fresh and new. I honestly have no idea where you will spawn the first time, or where the spawn point is. The general consensus seems to be near in a clearing or cave to the East of the safe room (I think - if you follow the direction the sun moves toward from this clearing area you should be able to see the noob tower) I have built a small shelter near what I believe to be the spawn point, you'll want to look for the massive noob tower. If you head to 0,0 in the world coordinates, you should be able to see it. Go to the base of that and you'll be able to hopefully locate the entrance to this safe room on the shoreline. Inside is a box with each player's name on it. You can use this to temporarily store the items you brought with you from Staria.

A few notes:
The economy system will not be returning to the server. For as few players as we have, it's honestly rather useless. The mod that controls mob drops, however, will probably make a return, just without the money enabled.

Also, Rei's Minimap is current for 1.2.3 - find that here, and you'll need ModLoader, which you can find from the RMM page.

We are running the following server mods: Bukkit, Runecraft, SecureChests. More to come.

See the end of the page for a list of commands and what they do.

The server and this page are not public, if you are here, it is by invitation, so please respect our rules, which are common sense 'play nice' things.

>>Don't steal people's hard-earned items, don't break their shit (unless they tell you to), work together, help out, etc. If you borrow food, please replace it, as it is essential to survival. Spend a day or two hunting to ensure you don't run out, and don't carry your entire food supply on you. Short, productive trips in and out of your base or home are much better than a long, risky expedition into the far reaches of this unknown world where you may end up losing everything. If you're going to travel far, don't do it alone! LOCK YOUR CHESTS WITH /SC LOCK!

>>Cooperate with others. Working together we can build an amazing world.

>>Be careful about traveling at night/early morning. Creepers run amok and have a nasty habit of breaking things, namely, the teleporters. Keep in mind that when using the teleporters, mobs have a tendency to not render right away. Just because you don't see any Creepers doesn't mean they aren't there. The best suggestion is to disconnect and reconnect after each teleport use if it was to a distant area. If you do happen to break something, just let us know so we can fix it.

>>Be careful about digging near established bases. There could be things hidden underground nearby that you could fall into and die, or worse, break something (like a Redstone line or something). As a general rule: If you're within 50 blocks of a base, don't dig, or do so very carefully.

>>Rules for Teleporters: Teleporters are pound-sign-shaped cobblestone contraptions. ( # ) - Do not under any circumstances place blocks in them, around them, on them, or remove blocks from them, as this will break them and I will be pissed. The teleporter network is my baby, and anyone fucking it up will face a ban. When you use a teleporter, get the fuck away from the landing point ASAP (in case of creepers milling around nearby). MOST of the landing points are safeguarded from them, especially those that go directly into bases, but some are not, so don't take chances unless you know the landing point is Creeper-proofed.

>>General Runecraft Rules: Runecraft is a very powerful mod. It can also be a rather destructive mod to the world, with mineshaft runes, power picks, and so on. Please read the thread about the runes you can make and be careful with them, use them with common sense. Our server is backed up quite regularly, and if you destroy something extremely important, we will roll it back to an earlier save and you'll lose anything you had built since the last save. You don't want that, do you?

>>No hacking, obviously. This includes spawning things without OP status. We try not to spawn things and play the game legitimately for the most part, so most of what you see in our world was properly mined and crafted and whatnot. If you REALLY need something you can't get, or the game ripped you off of via a glitch (Minecraft, glitch? Nahhhh), let us know and we might spawn it for you.

World Hints and Information (some of this is outdated for Alcide, as we don't currently have a Nexus or CT yet, but it will apply soon enough).

The Nexus is our central hub of teleporters. Every major base has a teleporter leading to The Nexus, and a landing point that comes from The Nexus. To use teleporters, simply right-click the center of them while holding nothing or a tool (many have signs on the center, just click the dirt below the sign). You may have issues loading the world after using a teleporter, or seeing other players/monsters post-teleport. You can fix this with a quick disconnect and reconnect (it's often faster to do this anyway rather than wait for the surrounding world to load).

The Chrono Trigger is used to control the time of day. There is only one in the world. There is a teleporter to it at the front of The Nexus. To use it, you need a single redstone or redstone torch (there are usually some in the chest next to it, but not always, and please help us keep this chest stocked with redstone if you can spare some). Simply place the redstone/torch on the OUTSIDE of the Chrono Trigger, depending on what time you want it to be, and then right-click the center of it. See the image below for a reference (it may look a bit different to you, as I use the Quandary texture pack).

STEALING BLOCKS FROM THE CHRONO TRIGGER WILL RESULT IN A BAN. I know that 9 Diamond in the center looks mighty tempting, but if you touch it, you're gone, and we'll simply spawn some in to replace it and continue playing God over the time of day without you around.

If you build a base, let MyNameIsViolet know and I'll come and create a teleporter to/from it. If I'm not on, tell one of the other core players to tell me to make you one. They all have my phone number and I talk to all of them almost every day. You can also e-mail me directly at rikkuaino@yahoo.com - put "Minecraft Teleporter" as the subject so I don't mistake it for spam and delete it. Tell me EXACTLY WHERE your base is (even if I already know) and the general area that you want the teleporter (marking it with redstone torches or something similar helps). The X Y Z coordinates are even more useful (Press F3 to get those).

Plant trees often, it helps us with our supply of wood.

Please don't blow gaping holes in the water, it's ugly and hard to fix. We have a few of these already.

Do not start forest fires. At least two of us have homes deep inside some of our forests, and if they're burned down, you'll be facing a ban (or at least a rollback and possibly us coming to your house with 500 TNT).

If you exit the Nexus onto the wooden walkway, you are facing North.

Locking a chest that belongs to another player (aka, it's in their base) will result in a ban.

Mines: Mines technically "belong" to whichever player owns the fort/base/house above them, so please don't dig through them to farm their resources unless they specifically request you to come help them or you ask first. We have a large public strip mine near the NPC Village found to the East-SouthEast of the Nexus a ways, feel free to mine that, one layer at a time in the fashion that it's currently in. Do not remove any torches from mines, especially the huge groups of torches that are found at certain points in the mine, as these are often an indicator of which way to go to get out. Also, don't make any death holes (holes from a great height that go straight to the bedrock, resulting in a death fall) if you can avoid it, even if you partially cover them up afterward. These can kill someone much later (and have before). If you want to dig a hole straight down, use a Mineshaft Rune. Ask MyNameIsViolet to show you how to create them or read this thread on it.

Personal Teleporters: LEARN HOW TO MAKE THEM. They are ungodly useful. This thread contains all of the runes in Runecraft, and the Personal Teleporter is among them. It's basically a single-use teleporter that vanishes when you use it, allowing you to get to wherever without leaving a random teleporter spawned in the world. Useful if you get lost. As a general rule, you should always, always carry at least 4 Redstone Torches and 4 Blocks of Unprocessed Wood (the kind you get directly from trees, without crafting them into anything). The image below shows a personal teleporter that will bring you to the Nexus (hence the unprocessed wood - the signature blocks for the Nexus).

If you replace the wooden blocks with the signature blocks for other destinations, you will go there instead. The center block must be something that isn't dirt. Cobblestone is probably best as you will usually have that with you (and I think you get to keep it, but the wood and redstone torches will be consumed when you teleport).

In the event that Runecraft is broken (usually just after an update for a week or two) and the teleporters aren't functioning, you can navigate your way to civilization if you are lost by heading toward X: -17 Y: 65 Z: 39 on the F3 coordinates screen. This is the location of The Saferoom doors.

Teleporter Signatures
Last Updated: 12.8.11

The World of Alcide's Teleporter Network:

The World of Staria's Teleporter Network:

NSEW - 100% Safe
THE GREAT DEKU TREE: You have to walk, or take the train.
WER'S CASTLE: ------ NSEW - 100% Safe

THE ICY PLAINS: SNOW NSEW - 85% Safe - The landing point itself is safe, but if you linger there for a while mobs could find their way into the cave where it's located.

Our Old World's Teleporter Network:
THE NEXUS: WOOD NSEW - Generally always safe... inside.
THE CHRONO TRIGGER - SAND NS DIRT EW - 100% safe, as long as you don't fall off of the landing area.
Fort Neeker-Breeker: GRAVEL NSEW - 100% Safe, but there's a short exposed walk to the actual fort.
Fort Double Rainbow: SAND NEW DIRT S - 100% Safe, inside the inner walls of the fortress.
Fort Kick-Ass: PROCESSED WOOD EW GRAVEL NS: Generally safe, there is a very short walk around the fence to the doors.
Fort DumbSkull 2.0: WOOD N GRAVEL SEW - 100% Safe
El Fuerte de Impresionante: PROCESSED WOOD NSEW - 100% Safe
Mukuru: WOOL NSEW - 75% Safe.
Fort Weegee: WOOD NE PROCESSED WOOD SW - 100% Safe
Spawn Point: WOOL NS AIR EW - 35% safe! Don't linger around this area for long so it doesn't get blown up and don't go at night!
Alpha Base: SAND S AIR: NEW - 100% Safe, but nothing much of interest here. First shelter that was ever built.
Winter's Edge: WOOL EW AIR NS - Not Safe! Middle of nowhere, nothing nearby, border of Winter Biome. Mostly unexplored. Feel free to build north of here.
The Triforce (Roller Coaster): LIGHT GRAYWOOL NSEW - Not completely safe, but partially. Use caution.
La Mina Del Sur: MOSSY COBBLESTONE NSEW - Partially safe. Use caution.
Fort Frostbite: SNOW NSEW - 100% Safe.

Current List of Commands

/sclock - Use this command, then open the chest you want to lock.
/scunlock -
Use this command, then open the chest you want to unlock. (must be owned by you)

List of Commands (not applicable to Alcide)

/AFK - Marks you as AFK; though it only sends a chat message and has no other visible indication to someone who didn't see said message.
/balance -
Displays your bank balance.
/balancetop -
Displays the top 10 balances on the server (which will be all of them as we only have 6 players)
/clearinventory -
Does just that, deletes everything in your inventory.
/compass -
Tells you which way you're facing and how many degrees.
/help -
Displays a list of commands. Use /help 2 and /help 3 and so on for additional pages.
/home -
Teleports you to your home point.
/list -
Lists all online players, fairly useless since the TAB button does the same thing.
/mail -
Manage the in-game mail system.
/me -
Does an emote in the format of /me <what you want to emote>.
/msg -
Sends a private message (tell, whisper, whatever you prefer to call it) in the form of /msg playername <message>
/nick -
Changes your chat name, use /nick NameYouWantGoesHere - It does not change the name over your head, only in chat.
    -Commands that require the use of a name, such as /msg -- you can use either the Nickname or actual username, both will work.
/pay - Pays a player the specified amount of money. ex: /pay Violet 20 - would give Violet/MyNameIsViolet $20.
/realname -
Use with /realname NickName to display the person's actual username.
/sclock -
Use this command, then open the chest you want to lock.
/scunlock -
Use this command, then open the chest you want to unlock. (must be owned by you)
/sell -
Sells the item(s) you are holding to the server for their value.
/sethome -
Sets your home point which you can then teleport to with /home. This and /home may be removed, so make good use of it now.
/suicide -
Kills you.
/worth -
Determines the /sell value of the item(s) you are holding.

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