Rant #1: YouTube & Copyright Claims

Originally posted: March 23, 2009 (MySpace)
Slightly Edited 9.22.2010


Okay, so, this is a bit of a rant about YOUTUBE and COPYRIGHT CLAIMS.

As if the title didn't tip that off.

First off, the whole copyright claim thing is bullshit. Yeah I said it. So you put together a video, or record one of, perhaps, you playing a game right...
And it has no sound. Or you want to put some tunes to it. Well guess what, you fucking CAN'T, at least, you can't and expect it to stay there for very long? Why? Three words: WARNER. MUSIC. GROUP.

Not just them, but they're the big ones lately. I personally don't see what the fuck the big deal is - especially when the song you're using is a low-profile or little-known band and the video your subject is based on is something higher profile. One would think that the band, or their label, wouldn't mind the video helping get the word out about their group or artist or whatever, but nooo, they'll slap that bitch with a copyright claim in half a second, and why? So people don't record the song from YouTube instead of buying it at itunes or whatever? WTF is the point, only a dumbshit would do that anyway, YouTube's audio quality is ass. It's much easier and convenient to just go over to a torrent site and download the whole fucking CD anyway, why would someone waste time recording from YouTube? It's a pain in the ass to do anyway, gotta open something like Audacity and set it up to record then save it as whatever and convert it... bleh.

And no I'm not bitching because two of my own videos have been slapped with copyright claims, whatever, those videos sucked anyway, just me playing a demo of a game that's been out for ages now...

I'm bitching because they took After All's video off for copyright reasons after well over two years since I first put it on my profile. TWO YEARS! What a shitload of fuck. And why do I care that it's gone? Because I had to go and wade through MySpace's slow-ass interfaces and editing pages to take the video's code out of my Music section, that's why. To the copyright people responsible for this: Do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to do that from work on a computer that is in such bad shape that the case fan has to accelerate to a point where it sounds like the thing is going to blast into orbit at any moment? No, you don't, so that's bullshit.

PS: I'm not really that mad, I just wanted to rant about this topic for a moment. The copyright on YouTube issue has gotten seriously out of control. If the big groups are that worried about people ripping their music from YouTube, why do they even post official music videos in the first place? It's like "If you must steal it, steal it directly from us." Yeah.... fuck that. To anyone that files a copyright claim on YouTube:

July 2011 Clarification: For those filing copyright claims when you make a video, and someone downloads that video and then re-uploads it claiming it to be their own creation, or uses part of your video or song without crediting or asking you first, yeah, file those claims, the bastards deserve it. I never meant this article to be directed at those who have had their work straight up flat-out blatantly fucking stolen by some ass-tweezer. But big time labeled music artists and whatnot, if someone posts your music video and you DON'T have it posted already, either post that shit, or start making money off the ads from the person that did post it rather than have your work taken off the internet. I have a song on YouTube from The Sims 3 - rather than take the video down, they just said "Hey, we're going to play ads on this video cause this may be copyrighted content." That's cool, whatever, as long as EA/Esmee Denters is getting paid for their work and they don't take my video down, hey, whatever they want.

There are several artists who I've discovered through YouTube, and usually not uploaded by the copyright holders, and I may or may not have ever found them were it not for that. So yeah bitches, think twice before you rip your music videos that aren't available anywhere else offline - you might lose potential fans from doing it.

And no, I'm not posting this clarification because anyone commented or yelled at me about the claims being there to protect people from having their work stolen, it's just a random thought I had while updating a different section of the site and re-reading this rant while I was at it.

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