Rant #13: The Only Exception

Posted: 10.5.10 


When I was younger,
I heard this song and
cursed at the DJ.
I broke the CD
and I watched
as he tried to reassemble it.


 Wow, that's kind of harsh, no? Not really. I hate it. I literally say "Kill me now" every time it comes on the radio at work, which is quite often during the late/closing hours when they put on the local station that plays this style of music. Why do I hate it? The fucking chorus. It's ONE. FUCKING. LINE. 90% of the chorus is in the title of this rant. You, are, the only exception. That is the ONLY LINE and she repeats it five hundred million billion times throughout the 4:28 of the song. It's annoying as fuck. Seriously Paramore? You guys are a pretty big name band I think, yeah? Aren't they? And you can't write a chorus that's more than one line? I fucking write parodies for entertainment, a lot of times I can parody parts of songs on the fly to insult friends, and you can't write a better chorus? Let's see, the lyrics are on the other half of my screen at the moment, let's take a skim through... hm... seems the song is about... who gives a shit. Here:

You, are, the only exception
I love, you, that's my confession
With, you, I lose my perception
Ad-mit, you, are my obsession

That took less than 60 fucking seconds, ON THE FLY. FUCK YOU PARAMORE. Is it really that hard? Did you have to just use ONE LINE? It fucking matches the original chorus, with the same (8) number of syllables -- rerelease the damn song and maybe I won't wanna /wrists every time it comes on. You can even steal my chorus, I don't care, but fix the damn song!

Also, as a last note to anyone else that may have a dull and repetitive chorus (aka one line):

PS: Hayley is kind of hot ;)
PPS: As much as I hate this song, I've listened to it like three times over the course of writing this rant. It sounds much better with headphones and actual bass versus some shitty beat up piece of white trash radio in the back of McDonald's. My point about the chorus almost seems nullified with watching the video (but ONLY because of the varying scenes in it -- I'm surprised it wasn't just the same clip over and over). Also, the additional vocals that chime in with each repetition of the chorus help a bit too (these aren't very noticeable at work). Still. Also: The video is really good, it actually tells the story of the song pretty well. Fuck my life...
Final Update, 3 weeks later: God damn it. I love this fucking song. Kill me now.

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