Rant #16: Radio

 Posted 10.18.2010


 I fucking hate the radio! Now that I've mentioned that, let me explain why. It's because most stations overplay the holy anal ream out of the songs, that's why. Take any song that just came out - you will hear that bitch 500 times a day. This is a slight exaggeration, of course, given that the maximum possible number of songs it's possible to listen to in a day is about 360 (this assumes that each song is exactly 4 minutes in length [most are less] and that the station plays them back to back to back with no commercials or talk time, and we all know THAT will never happen). So yeah, it's a piece of shit. Sure, some songs I like to hear 10 billion times an hour, but there are a lot of songs (depending on the station) that I get tired of and wouldn't mind hearing only once a day if that. So yeah. I know the stations get paid to overplay certain songs and shove the artists music down your throat (*cough, Lady GaGa* - I estimate that at any given time within any given state [except perhaps Salt Lake City where they don't allow music] there is a Lady GaGa song or three on the radio). This is horseshit. Play some varying music god damn it! Sometimes I come across songs that I've never heard before that are already "played out" on the radio (which I rarely listen to) and I'll like the song, and want to listen to it in the presence of a friend and they'll be like "Damn that song is old, change it."

Well guess what, bitch? If it hadn't been played hundreds of times a day on the radio it might not be old and people might still be interested in hearing it! Why can't they place limits on how many times a day you can play 'x' song so it won't get OLD so fast? Seriously. Assholes...



Wow... I really thought this rant would be longer or that I'd have more to say about this... but I think I've pretty much covered it.

Examples of overplayed annoying songs as of this writing:

Any song that's by Lady GaGa
Club Can't Handle Me
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
Teenage Dream (though I somewhat like this track)
Check It Out

Radio People:

in the ass!

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