Rant #19: Elusive Girls

 Posted 10.2.2011


Yep, bitching about girls again. Go figure, huh? This is going to be short, I think, (that's what she said), and some of you guys out there can probably relate to it (though, for your fucking sake, I hope not).

You're interested in a girl. You spend weeks crushing on her, being a creeper (SSSSSSSSSSS) to learn stuff about her (if she's single, what she likes, that kind of thing). She seems into you, paying lots of attention to you, always taking time to talk to you, replies to texts almost immediately, and you seem to share a good vibe together. Cool. You've got this, you really like her, and you finally get the balls to make her aware that you like her, either via the less-ballsy having someone else tell her and seeing what happens, or the balls-to-the-wall method of telling her straight up. And then you try to ask her out. "Hey, maybe we could go do something sometime?". You even offer to pay for everything (which you should, by the way...), and what does she say?

"Maybe..." or "We'll see..."

So, a few days later, you text her. She replies immediately. You text back and forth about whatever for a few minutes. Then you bring up the subject of "us", and the replies stop. And this goes on for days or weeks. She'll text you back immediately, unless the subject is the two of you, and then she Will. Not. Reply... Ever.

This, girls. This is why you make no sense. Why seem flirty, super friendly, etc, if you have no interest in a relationship? That shit makes guys interested in you, even more so if you do this after you know that the guy already likes you. So why the fuck do you do this shit? Why in the name of all that is good and decent must you torture us by avoiding the subject? Seriously... if you're not interested, just fucking say it. It's going to hurt our feelings, sure, but we're guys, we get over this shit in a day or two. And it's much less painful than this elusive shit you love to pull, leaving us wondering if you're interested or not for weeks. We ask you out, you say "Maybe" or "I can't this week..." but never reschedule. Stop fucking doing it. If you don't want to, just say some shit like "I'm flattered but I'm not interested." Done. It's that fucking easy. Don't worry about hurting us by being direct, because your attempt to not hurt us by not saying no actually makes it worse.

This rant is inspired by a situation that actually happened to me not too long after (or was it before?) I made this site, and the girl is still a friend of mine, and I do still like her a little, but I gave up a long time ago. And no, I never ever got a direct answer. She even at one point had the nerve to ask me if someone we knew was single because she liked him. Like... wow, really? I was kind of dumbstruck that she asked me of all people that. Like, "What a bitch!" But shit, I'm over all that and whatnot. It's whatever. Not the end of the world, y'know? Now she's a friend of mine, we have a lot of fun at work, so, nothing really changed I guess. Still, reflecting back, this kind of shit needs to stop, ladies. Be direct. It's better for everyone. If you're not interested, fucking say so, and save us both a lot of time.



Found this a year or so after I wrote this rant. It's basically everything I just said above.

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