Rant #22: PINK (see what I did there?)

 Posted 3.23.2012


FUCK. PINK. I'm not talking about Alecia Beth Moore here, people, I'm talking about the piece of shit clothing line from Victoria's Fuckin' Secret.
You can see examples of it here, here, and here - if you peruse through these, you'll notice that most of them are NOT FUCKING PINK IN COLOR. Why in the name of cockinballs would you name a clothing line after a color if most of said clothing line doesn't even feature that color?! It doesn't make any sense, what were they thinking? "I LOVE PINK", says the gray booty shorts with the black text. Then Y U NO WEAR THE COLOR, SLUTWHORE?! Christ, if you're going to go off yammering on about a color, at least make the shit that color. It boggles my mind when I see a chick wearing that shit when it isn't pink. Like, are you a dumbfuck? I knew that society mostly consists of sheep, but damn, I didn't know sheep were colorblind (in fact, research via Google states that sheep, in fact, are NOT colorblind. This knowledge would then imply that these girls are not sheep, rather, they are owls, which would also explain the stupidity that is Owling).

Here's an idea: I'm going to make a clothing line about balls. No, not testicles, you daft wanker. Balls. As in, sports balls. Basketballs, footballs, etc. And you know what I'm going to put pictures of on the clothes? Motherfucking MMA Tapout logos and shit. Cause it makes just as much sense as this cockfuckery. I think the PINK clothing line is more annoying than The North Face, and you know that shit's annoying when someone makes parody clothing of it (here and here, for example) and people actually wear it.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you decide to wear some of the clothing from this hypocritical as all fuckout clothing line, make sure you get the honest shit, because otherwise, you deserve what you're about to get, and I think you know what you're about to get, unless you wear non-pink PINK shit, because in that case you're probably too stupid to know what you're getting, even though you can see it right below this wall of text, so without further ado, and making some rhymes for you, I'm leaving you screwed, with a massive

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