Rant #25: That Stupid 90s Kid Facebook 'Meme'

 Posted 7.15.2012


I put 'meme' in quotations cause I'm not sure it's the right word for it, but I often ponder one question: 


I see so many of these ignorant ass pictures on Facebook that show something that existed in the 90s (or even some before or after), and they're all captioned with shit like "Only 90s kids remember this". That's BULL FRICKIN' HORSESHIT. I'm from the fucking 80s and I remember ALL of this shit. You think we didn't have fucking Flintstones vitamins in the 80s? Those fuckers were introduced in 19SIXTY-EIGHT - That's 1. 9. 6. 8. for those that don't read numbers in word format too well. I remember shit like Hey Arnold! and the Power Rangers and god damn Doug and Ren and Stimpy and VCRs and telephone cords and big ass cellular phones and pagers (do people still use those? I don't even know...). You know why? Because I'm from the god damn 80s and I was alive in the fucking 90s too. So you know what, stop posting those pictures. Those times are gone. They will not come back except perhaps in some shitty Hollywood reboot that will desecrate your memories of what made it good to begin with, or on the fucking History channel eventually, or in old reruns on Nick at Nite (don't start on only 90s kids remember Roseanne or Fresh Prince, cause that shit's still on TV). 

Stop fucking dwelling on the shit and posting those piece of shit pictures. You're not special because you were able to watch a show that your parents could also watch at the same time. Each one you post makes me want to punch a small child.

Ahh you've upset me in ways I can't understand! (That's a 90s reference motherfucker, but you probably didn't even catch it, so...)

(if you're a 90s kid)

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