Rant #29: CAPTCHA...Ads?!
Posted 4.27.13


Two of my three original rants, you know, the topics that got this whole god damned site started, were about Ads and CAPTCHAs. Well guess what just spewed out of the Inner Depths of the Bowels of Bullshit? CAPTCHA ADS!


Granted, it's a fucking genius idea from an advertising standpoint, but I fucking hate it. But, strangely, I also fucking love it at the same time. It's a very very love/hate thing with these pieces of shit. Why? Well... for one, ads are bullshit (despite the fact that they generate money and I do use them in places, namely YouTube. Rant #1 was a long time ago guys...). For two, CAPTCHAs are even more bullshit.

Look at this.

FUCKING LOOK AT IT. How the fuck are you supposed to translate that? And no, I didn't edit that or turn it upside down or alter it in any way, that's a CAPTCHA I got one time somewhere. This is why I hate CAPTCHAs. Anyway, I didn't think it could get any worse than Ads and CAPTCHAs, but now they've combined them into a Superbeast from Hell. Look at these...
             Ahh Dr. Pepper...delicious destroyer of teeth                                  Saves electricity... cause you can't watch when it rains                                 lol wat?
Yeah... CAPTCHA Ads. They fucking exist. And they're both a blessing and a curse. Why? Well... they're easy to read. Very easy to read. You don't sit there and go "Uh... is that an e or an upside-down house with a goat in it?" They're very readable, and thus it's hard to fuck them up. (That's why this is a 4 1/2 annoyance rather than 5). But they're also ads. Which are gay. But so are CAPTCHAs. So either way, it's fucked. I hate to call it in advance, but are our web browsers going to start showing ads before they load your homepage and your 350 million toolbars in the near future? Is Windows gonna play you an ad when you log in while it loads the desktop? Probably not on that last one, they have enough money as it is, they don't need ad revenue... or do they? Only time will tell. Until next rant, have a great time doing whatever you generally do.

Oh, and whoever came up with these,
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