Rant #32: YouTube Reuploaders?! Really?!
Posted 12.?.17


So you're sitting there at your computer, browsing the Facebooks, or meandering around the YouTubes, when your friend links you a video. "Yo man, check this shit out, lol!" and sends you the latest viral video going about the net. You watch it, it's awesome, cool. Later, you go to look it up again and HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THERE ARE LIKE TEN DIFFERENT UPLOADS OF IT BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT!?

YouTube Reuploaders piss me the fuck off! What is the point of reuploading a video to a site where the video already fucking exists? If it was a video you saved at some point, then the original got taken down by the author/YouTube/Warner Music Group, then yeah, maybe I'd understand. Reuploading a video is a tactic used by trash-tier YouTubers trying to drive views by taking credit for someone else's popular work. Sometimes they'll credit the original, but fuck that shit. Why even waste the time to download the original and then reupload it (very likely at lower quality, since you're downloading the compressed-by-YouTube version and then reuploading it, which will compress it further) when the original is right there on the site? It doesn't even make sense. That would be like if I were driving down the highway and saw a mile marker, then I went and put a new mile marker that looks exactly like the other one in the same damn spot on the highway.

This problem isn't restricted to YouTube, either. You'll see a lot of stolen content on Facebook, and the only change they made is slapping some shitty meme-y title above and/or below it or editing out any references to the creator. This article is a nice read on what I'm talking about. To be clear, I found this article while looking for examples of this, but it's on point enough about the problem that I'll let it do most of the talking -- especially since it uses two examples of YouTube channels I actually subscribe to, SmarterEveryDay and The King of Random. (Check them out if you haven't already)

This happens a lot with music, too. Why the fuck would you upload a song that's already on YouTube (unless the existing one is shit quality and you're posting a better version, I will never understand why anyone would take the time or effort to do this). Look up any song but add the word 'lyrics' to it and you'll likely find multiple uploads of that song with the lyrics in the video. Like... why? What is to be gained? Chances are you're not going to profit from it because of Copyright claims. You might get some views depending on the song. Maybe your channel will get some subscribers, but if they don't watch the rest of your content, that's basically worthless.

Having said that... yes, I myself do have a song on my own YouTube account that has been uploaded several times before. I uploaded it years ago when I was a little younger and dumber. I also uploaded it for the sole purpose of finding out what song it was, since I didn't realize at the time all the music was listed in the game somewhere and really liked the song and wanted to listen to the non-Simlish version. Mine also isn't downloaded from YouTube and reuploaded, which is the entire thing I'm here ranting about, not so much as uploading the same song over and over by different people, though that's a dumb thing to do as well.

Why, then, do I leave the video of the song up there, knowing that it's posted elsewhere on YouTube? Because it's one of the oldest uploads of the song on YouTube, and the second-most viewed upload of that song. If you search for "the sims 3 outta here" - mine is the 2nd result with around 14.5k views at the time of this writing. Also, it's monetized by the creators, which means I don't get money for having uploaded it, but EA and/or Esmée do, or whoever the copyright holder is. As suggested in my very first Rant, they opted to leave the video up and instead earn money from it when possible. Which is awesome, and good on them.

You'll note, however, that if you YouTube search that (I've made it easy - click that link), there are tons of other uploads of that song. Many with less than 100 views, most with less than 1000. Is it their video title's formatting that drives the view count so low? Probably. Or I just got lucky with my upload to have more views. Who's to say for sure? Either way, what I'm really trying to say here is that by reuploading videos that already exist on YouTube, or posting them to Facebook as your own without so much as a shred of credit to the original creator, just like with blocking ads, you're potentially harming the content creator, and for that, I'm gonna have to do a little content creating of my own and create a nice little
You reuploading piece of shit. Go fuck yourself with a cactus and upload THAT to YouTube and Facebook. You bitch.

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