Rant #7: Windows Vista

Originally posted: June 16, 2009 (old site)

ANNOYANCE LEVEL: 4 - Only because so many computer-illiterate people are screwed into buying machines that can't handle the OS and they end up overclogging it with programs and it turns into an ass of a machine whose only purpose in life becomes to waste your time, and mine when parents of my friends hear I'm good with computers and ask me to see if I can "fix" their machines, then I get a headache just waiting for the damn thing to finish loading.

Okay, first off, if you have Vista, I feel sorry for you, and second, if you like Vista, WTF is your problem?!

Windows Vista is BULLSHIT. Why the hell are the system requirements so high? If you don't have a 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM or better, don't even fucking consider getting Vista, at least not if you plan on playing any decent games. Why? Because you will lag to shit. Even with DirectX10 out there, most of your games will be unplayable unless you have a monster video card and processor to back them up. Just stick with XP and DX9. So what if the graphics won't look as good, at least you get to play it!

Also, why is Vista such a pain in the ass to use? Everytime you go to install, or delete, a program, you get about 500 popups "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Really sure?" "Last chance! I'm gonna do it!" "Is this your final answer?" Yes, this can be disabled, but your average computer user isn't going to know how to do that.

Also, did they really need a sidebar for all these gadgets, like the fucking clock? What's wrong with having the clock down in the corner, like it has been since nineteen-fucking-ninety-five (or even before)? I thought that worked fine, why do we need a big ass clock on screen taking up screen space? Are we fucking Flavor Flav wannabes? Again, yes, having it there is optional, but come on?! Seriously?

Why the hell did they have to change the way the start menu functions? I MUCH prefer the popout menus(Start > All Programs) in XP to the non-pop-out ones of Vista where it just makes it a long ass scrolling column inside the start menu. That's bullshit and harder to use (though like any OS, it's not hard to get used to with time and practice, and I ONLY say this because I'm running Windows 7, which is sort of similar to Vista except it doesn't suck balls).

Also, why the FUCK is Vista now the default OS for EVERY NEW COMPUTER EVER SOLD, even the ones that don't have the fucking specs to run it?! (this same fact applies to Windows 7, it has high requirements as well, though it's more optimized, but they will slap it on any bargain-basement computer regardless of the specs just for selling power). My old home computer, brand new, came with Vista, 1.8GHz processor, and 512 MB of RAM! THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, even the OS itself lags to shit with this hardware. Laptops that come with Vista piss me off too, because most of those aren't good enough for Vista and they're nearly impossible to upgrade. Less than an hour after I got my computer out of the box, Vista was replaced with XP and it's been that way ever since. I have more than enough system power to run it now (dual core 3Ghz, 3GB RAM, GeForce 8600...) but am I going to? Hellllllll no! Why? It's a pain the fucking ass, and my games look good enough as it is.

Putting out ridiculous new Operating Systems is just Microsoft's way of getting more of your money, forcing you to upgrade if you want to use their shitty new stuff. Vista claims to make your life easier as you install it (just like XP does, except XP actually delivers on that claim), but all it does is make your computing experience more bullshittier, so to the dev team at Microsoft: FUCK YOU!!

2010 Edit: Windows 7 kicks ass. If you have Vista, trash it, and get Windows 7. Unless you play Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Cause it doesn't run on 7 very well, for many users, unless it's a fresh install. Dual-boot ftw. I actually have Windows 7, Vista, and XP in a triple-boot configuration, just cause of certain games not being compatible with Vista or 7.

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