2017 Update: So I'm on Adamantoise now, and playing fairly regularly. Gilgamesh didn't last terribly long. I doubt you'll everrrrrr see this update... but it's here lol.

Hey Taj, since the in-game mail is so restricted as far as number of characters allowed (200 is seriously not enough Square!), I decided the best way to message you was to make a page on my site and then link it via in-game mail.

Anyway, the short version is I have returned to FF XIV - for how long, I can't say for sure, I guess that depends on how well it holds my attention. It seems Gilgamesh has gotten a lot quieter of late, seeing almost nobody around while doing FATEs, and Free Company chat (at least the few days I've been on) has been utterly dead.

I have a few people I know in real life that play regularly, and since Nevara did not return to the game with me (yet?), there's really no point in trying to solo-grind hundreds of FATEs for the content I've missed and try to grab PUG dungeons. As such, I've left Gilgamesh (I'm probably already gone by the time you read this - IF you get to read this. I mailed you in-game, but aren't sure what will happen to that message once Square transfers the character off of the server) and headed over to Balmung. Same data center, at least :P.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the fun while I was around, since I won't see you in-game since our play hours are pretty opposite. Hope everything goes well. You'll be able to find me in-game on that server if you feel like it, usually after 10pm Central Time, if you feel like making a character (good luck - like Gilgamesh, it's often restricted) over there for that purpose. You can also hit me up on e-mail if you wish - rikkuaino@gmail.com. Just put something like FF XIV in the subject line. Take care!

~Aida Tryvanria

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