The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode III

She awoke to find herself in a dimly lit prison cell in Neriak. Her things had been taken, but she saw them on a table at the other end of the room. There was a prisoner, a Dark Elf Cleric, in the cell opposite hers. She sat up when Kryliene made a noise and looked in her direction.

"What's a Wood Elf doing in a Neriak prison cell?" the Cleric wondered aloud. Kryliene glared at the prisoner.

"What's a Dark Elf doing in a Neriak prison cell?" she retorted. The Cleric chuckled.

"Heh heh, Innoruuk is a cruel god, and unfortunately, the Dark Elves follow him to the death. They believe that all other races should not be assisted. I am here because I saved a human from an orc, and that was two months ago. What's your story?"

"I was caught in Nektulos Forest." The Cleric looked surprised.

"Why where you hanging around in Nektulos?" she asked.

"I was hiding," came the reply.

"From whom?"

"The Freeport Militia." Again, surprise showed on the girl's face.

"And what use have the Freeport Militia for a little kid?" Kryliene looked insulted.

"Hey! I'm no little kid! I happen to be 17 years old, thank you very much!"

"Ohhhhh, EXCUSE ME, Miss High and Mighty 17-year-old Wood Elf. You didn't answer my question."

"Not like I have to, but since I'm nice..."

"Wait a second, are you that one Druid that the Militia has been after for ages, umm, what was the name...?"


"Yeah! Are you her?"

"Yeah, I am. You know me?"

"Everyone knows about you, at least, on this side of the world. The Militia have so many wanted posters flying around that you could make a bridge from the Oasis of Marr to The Overthere."

"Really? I know they're after me, but I didn't know it was that bad."

"Yeah, and now they're offering..."

"..a bounty for me, I know."

"Well," the Dark Elf said, leaning back against the wall, "that's probably a good thing."


"Look at it this way: You're still alive."


"The guards probably want to cash in on you, you heard the reward amount?"


"Fifteen hundred plats."


"Yeah. Why are you worth so much?"

"Heck, I dunno." Kryliene answered thoughtfully. 'Is it possible that they know the truth about me?' she wondered. 'If that's so, then I'm in serious trouble. I have to get out of this cell. I MUST escape.'

Kryliene looked up at the Cleric. "Any way out of here?" she asked.

"Ha! Not unless you have a teleport spell memorized by heart."

"I do, but I can't leave without my things. Huh?" A door clanked open and a guard entered the prison area. He scowled at both Kryliene and the Cleric.

"Well, you're awake I see," he said to Kryliene. I'm Guard Gha`Velx. Welcome to my hell. Ha ha ha ha!!" The guard smacked his sword against the bars of Kryliene's cell, making her start. "You're gonna have a nice pleasant time here, but don't get used to this place...You're leaving for Freeport soon...heh heh heh." The guard turned to leave, and the Cleric began chanting a spell. The guard turned to her as green bubbles began appearing underneath her. "Akira, what in the name of Innoruuk are you--Ah! What the?! Guar--!" Suddenly the guard lost his ability to speak as the Cleric silenced and rooted him to the ground. Kryliene looked at the Cleric, Akira, in shock.

"What are you doing!?" she shouted.

"You asked if there was a way out of here? Well, this is it. Help me or die." Kryliene paused for a second, then shrugged her shoulders.

"Well...okay!" She began chanting a spell, and suddenly hundreds of swarming insects appeared and surrounded the guard, violently stinging him all over. His mouth was open in a scream but no sound came forth. Kryliene began chanting another spell as magical spikes appeared and slammed into the guard, and Akira began casting another spell. Flames surrounded the guard and he caught fire as Kryliene finished her spell. She began another one, and the guard's feet came loose from the floor, but Kryliene's spell hampered his movement greatly. He stuggled towards her cell with his sword drawn, and as he reached it, more spikes from behind dropped him to the floor, dead. The smoking carcass lay there, and as the flames died down, Kryliene reached through the bars and snatched up the cell keys. She unlocked her cell, ran to the table and collected all of her things, and glanced through her spell book looking for the final line of her teleport spell to Toxxulia Forest.

"Hey!" Akira shouted. "Get me out of here!" Kryliene found the line she was looking for and ran to Akira's cell. She tossed her the keys and started to chant. "No wait! Take me with you!" Kryliene popped her spell book open again, found the page she needed, and began chanting as Akira grabbed her things and came to stand next to Kryliene. The prison area door swung open and a guard walked through it. Seeing the scene, he shouted "Hey! ALARM! GUARDS!!!" Footsteps sounded as the guard drew his sword and ran at them, but they disappeared right before he reached them.

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