The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode V
Originally Parts V through VII

The next morning, Sir Brendan woke Akira to tell her that Kryliene had disappeared. No one saw her leave, and no one knew where she went. She hasn't been seen since that night. No one has any clue where she is or even if she is still alive. Two months have passed. Akira stayed in Erudin at the request of Sir Brendan. It was hard for her at first, but eventually the citizens got used to her and she even made some friends there. To this day, Akira waits patiently for Kryliene's return. However, she and the rest of the world are in for a big surprise very very soon...

In the East Commonlands...

Guard Tolus stood at his post, watching and waiting for anyone who may need assistance. Suddenly he heard a scratching sound behind the Inn, and he went around to the back to investigate.

"Someone there?" he asked. Suddenly a sillhouette appeared from the shadows and a voice said, "Surprise!"

"You!" It was Guard Tolus' final word as the fireball consumed him.

There were no witnesses to this murder. No footprints, nothing. To this day, the murder of Guard Tolus remains a mystery.


Akira walked towards the gates of Erudin, looking through her backpack at the items she had acquired. As she entered the city and turned a corner, she heard a 'Psst!'. She turned to look and saw a silhouette in the shadows. As she walked forward, Kryliene came into view.

"Kryliene! Where have you been? You just disappeared!" Kryliene hushed her.

"Quiet Akira! I don't want anyone to know I'm back just yet. I have a situation here." Akira became concerned.

"What is it?" Akira asked.

"Well, the Freeport Militia found me here. I got word from a good friend of mine that I should leave the city and disappear for awhile, so I did. I couldn't tell anyone where I went. Then my friend was discovered, and the Militia forced her to deliver a message to me. They say that they have information about me that can change the way the entire world looks at me, and that if I don't surrender myself to them by the fourth moon, they'll tell the world."

"But what secret does the Militia know about you that can possibly harm you that badly?" Kryliene shook her head.

"Trust me, it exists, but I'm not about to tell anyo--Ahh!" Kryliene shuddered, as if suddenly overcome by pain. Her eyes flashed red and her voice became a low growl as she groaned in pain. She scowled at Akira for a moment, then seemed to regain herself and stood upright.

"Kryliene, what is it?!" But Kryliene just waved her off.

"It's nothing..." Akira wouldn't hear it.

"No, that was something. I want to know."

"No, you don't. Trust me."

"How? You're obviously hiding something. How can I trust that?"

"Because," Kryliene said, "you don't really have a choice." Akira sighed.

"I guess you have a point."
Two weeks later…

Kryliene had made it known that she was back. Everyone in Erudin welcomed her home. She apologized for disappearing and simply said that it was an emergency situation. She was sitting in her room in the Vasty Deep Inn when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Miss Kryliene," the Innkeep said, "You have a visitor by the name of Miss Copperhold."

'Fenani! What does she want?' Kryliene thought.

"Show her in!" A moment later the beautiful magician entered the room. "Dearest Kryliene. What have you gotten yourself into?" Kryliene's eyes welled up with tears as Fenani Copperhold came to sit beside her.

"I'm losing control, Fen. It's becoming harder to fight it." Fenani nodded.

"That's only natural. You never should have taken control of it in the first place."

"How was I to know, huh?! I was only five!"

"True, but once you realized what was going to happen you should have gotten rid of the amulet right away."

"Yes, but someone weaker could have found it, and then it would be released."

"At this rate Kryliene, it's going to be released soon enough. What are you going to do then?" Kryliene sighed, unsure of what to do.

"What do you suggest?"

"Well, it's too late to get rid of it now. I'm sure most of it's power has been transferred into you anyway. I've heard there is a magical weapon that can destroy the amulet and it's power, but it has to be assembled from several items scattered across the planet." Kryliene's eyes lit up.

"What items?" Fenani shrugged.

"I don't know all of them, only two. You need a Vile Substance for potency and as a conduit for the energy, and a Velium Bolt for a supporting shaft. But there are four more items needed to make the Demon Slayer Bow, as it's called. As of this day, this item does not exist anywhere on Norrath; you will have to construct it. You should move quickly to find out what the other four items are; if the amulet gains full control over you someone else will have to construct it for you."

"It has already managed to take control for a moment. Three times now! I'm scared Fenani!"

"As you should be, but it is the price you pay for messing with such a powerful and evil item. When will you learn child?"

"Fenani...does the Militia really know about it?"

"I'm afraid so, Kryliene. And if they spread the word, you won't be safe even here, as much as you are liked by the citizens, they will begin to fear you. I doubt even Drom and Flavius will allow you to enter the city. But now I must go. I have things to attend to. Perhaps your friend Akira listening outside the door knows something?" Akira walked into the room.

"How did you know?" Fenani simply smiled and gated away with a goodbye.

"So, how much did you hear?" Kryliene asked.

"Enough. So, you have the Demon's Amulet eh? I wondered who it would be."

"You know about it?"

"Yes. It used to be in the possession of the Dark Elves, but a certain Dark Elf who was kind of heart similar to myself took it and sent it to Crushbone, hoping one of the weaker orcs would find it. One did, but it turned out that the orc was assigned to duty in the Greater Faydark, where he was killed and the amulet lost in the forest. Apparently, someone found it. Looks like that was you."

"Yeah, when I was five. I took it home and put it on, and I was filled with this incredible power; I felt stronger, faster. But I told no one. I figured my parents would take it from me. Two years later, they were killed, so then I had no one. Only myself and the amulet to power me. That's when I took up my Druidic training, and then moved to Freeport. Until recently, only Fenani and myself knew about it. She warned me to get rid of it, but I didn't listen, and now it is going to cost me. The demon inside is growing stronger, it's becoming harder for me to fight it, to keep it under my control. Soon it will take control of me if I don't do something."

"Is that what happened to you two weeks ago?"

"Yeah. It tried to take over, but I subdued it again. The demon killed Guard Tolus in the Eastern Commonlands, using me as it's tool. If it takes over fully, I don't know what will happen."

"Well, I have a piece of information that will be useful. I know someone who knows what the items are to make the Demon Slayer Bow. His name is Amarant. We should go to see him right away. "

"Really? Where can we find him?"

"He lives in the Kithicor Forest. It's not easy to get to him, but I think we can manage it if we're careful."

"Okay. Let's go then." Akira nodded.

"Right." And with a few words, Kryliene teleported them to the Misty Thicket.

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