The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode VII
Originally Parts X and XI

Akira approached the gates to Freeport. The guards saw her and charged to kill her.

"WAIT!" She screamed. "I have urgent news of Kryliene!" The guards stopped on hearing this. They approached her.

"What is it?" Guard Munden asked.

"I need to speak with Fenani Copperhold right away."

"She lives in North Freeport. That is not our territory. Now what is this about Kryliene? You are aware she is a wanted criminal?"

"Yeah yeah, well I wouldn't go chasing after her right now if I were you."

"Ha! Kryliene is no match for me."

"Yeah? Tell that to the people of Erudin. Now excuse me, I must see Fenani."

"Very well, here, you'll need this to get past the guards." Guard Munden handed her an insignia ring. She put it on and headed to North Freeport.


Once in North Freeport, she found Fenani's home and knocked at the door. A High Elf answered the door. She showed a flash of fear at the sight of Akira, but then noticed the insignia ring and the fear left her. "May I help you?" she asked.

"Is this the home of Fenani Copperhold?" The High Elf nodded.

"Yes, I share it with her. I'm Lenina Loire. You need to see Fenani?"

"Yes, it's urgent. About Kryliene."

"Oh no...Please. Come in. Fen!" Fenani came down the stairs. She saw Akira standing there and immediately knew what was going on.

"No....." Her eyes pleaded with Akira, as if begging for it not to be true.

"I'm afraid so...Erudin is gone."

"What?! How?!"

"She destroyed it." Fenani flinched.

"No way. I didn't know the Demon was THAT powerful. This is bad. Did you find out how to construct the Demon Slayer?"

"Mostly. I know 5 of the 6 pieces needed."

"Let me guess, Globe of Fear?"


"Globe of Fear, the one you don't know?"

"Is that the final piece?"

"Yes. I found out the other day while I was in Qeynos, from Tovax Vmar, just before he attacked me, foolish man. It was one of those 'I can tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya things, except he's a weakling and wasn't up to the latter part of the task."

"I see. So the six pieces are a Vile Substance, a Velium Bolt, a Batling Eye, a Dragoon Dirk, a Longbow, and a Globe of Fear. I can't imagine how those will combine to make anything."

"Trust me, they do. I know how the assembly works also. I just don't know where we can find these items."

"Well," Lenina said, "maybe Cate would know about the bow?"

"Possibly. Can you go ask her?"

"She's not in town at the moment, last I heard she was fighting those evil crocodiles in the Oasis."

"Alright fine, I'll go ask her. Akira, can you check around in Neriak for information?"


"No? Why not?"

"Much like Kryliene, I am an unjustly wanted criminal in my hometown."

"I see...Where are you safe then?"

"Erudin...except Erudin no longer exists."

"Alright. Then do whatever you can. I'll make sure you can live in Freeport safely on my way to see Cate. Keep that ring with you, and this necklace. It will signify that you're with me."

"Alright. Thanks Fenani."

"No problem, but now we must save Kryliene; her time is short."



Sargeant Slate walked along the path to Inn 1, stopping to check on Guard Reskin. Seeing that everything was in order, he turned to go. He had taken but three steps when a fireball soared from the trees and slammed into Guard Reskin, killing him instantly. Adventurers and civilians alike screamed and ran. The Innkeep stepped outside to see what was happening, just in time to catch a second fireball and lose his life as well. Sargeant Slate looked up to the tree and saw an all-too-familiar face scowling down at him.

"YOU!" Slate's hand flew to his side, where he took hold of a dagger and flung it at her. It bounced off of an invisible barrier just inches from Kryliene's face, falling to the ground. She glided out of the tree and floated to the ground, her feet landing gently upon it. Slate rushed her, sword in hand, but she simply jumped over him, rising to nearly fifteen feet in the air. He turned and charged her again. This time she raised her claw-hand and rolled under his sword swing, taking a swipe of her own as she passed him. The blades cut through his armor, penetrating deep under his skin. Slate cried out in pain, surprised and shocked that Kryliene had actually injured him. Since when had she been a match for him?

Kryliene began chanting a spell, and the first thing that Slate noticed was her voice. Instead of the usual high-pitched, almost whiny voice that Kryliene normally carried about her, her voice was deep, and growling. Her eyes, he noticed next, were blood red and glowing. The third thing he noticed was her attire. She had abandoned the normal outfit she had worn for a pure-black set of clothing which Slate recognized as Gnome Skin armor. He wondered if she had killed the Gnome for the armor herself. Seeing her as she was now, he didn't doubt it. Kryliene finished her spell and Slate felt the ground shift underneath him. Glancing down, he saw the dirt rise up and engulf his feet. He had been rooted.

"Who are you?! You are not the Kryliene I know! There is no way! The real Kryliene is not this powerful!" Kryliene scowled at him.

"Silence mortal!! You dare make inquiries of me?? Who I am does not matter to you, and in a few moments, you won't even care, because you'll be dead! But if you MUST know, I am that which cannot be beaten. I am that which you fear, that which you spend your days worrying about, that which even the most powerful spellcasters gate away from on sight. I AM THE ANCIENT DEMON, MASTER OF ALL EVIL UPON NORRATH, AND THAT WHICH WILL NOW KILL YOU!!!" And with that, the demon-controlled Kryliene shouted something in an ancient language. A ring of light shot out around her, extending for miles. Within moments, she was surrounded by every animal in the Commonlands. They sat or hovered or stood or slithered around her, simply staring blankly ahead, as if they could not control themselves. Slate assumed that they couldn't. Demon Kryliene's stare seemed to burn a hole in Slate's soul. After a moment, she levitated into the air, without the aid of spells and without a word. She floated there for a moment, and then shouted in the same ancient language that she had summoned the animals with, "IM YUB SET NA!", which, loosely translated, is "DESTROY HIM!". The animals came to life, and charged at Slate. Slate began slashing at them, killing several of them, but there were far too many and he was eventually overcome. As they finished him off, Demon Kryliene shouted "IM YUB SET NA!! IM YUB SET NA!!!!" which, in this case, is "DESTROY THEM ALL!! DESTROY THEM ALL!!!!". The animals turned and ran in every direction, attacking everything in sight, even each other in some cases. Chaos and death reigned supreme. Hiding behind a sand dune near North Ro, Fenani looked on, shaking her head sadly, a tear falling from her eye as she turned to find Cate.

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