The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode VI
Originally Parts VIII and IX

Kryliene and Akira walked quietly through the forest, carefully searching in all directions for any sign of movement. It was well past midnight, and the undead were out in force. Akira had spells that could combat them, but they were much more powerful than she was and would eventually win, so they had to avoid them until they went away when the daylight came. Kryliene followed Akira near the edge of the forest, heading for a small hut about halfway across. They found it and opened the gate surrounding the fence. Within seconds they found themselves unable to run at normal speed.

"Ahh! What's happening!" They looked around and Akira began casting Cancel Magic. Their bonds came free and they moved around, looking for the source of the spell. Suddenly a voice came from the roof of the hut.

"Akira! Me never expect see you enter Amarant gate. What you come for?" They looked up and saw an Ogre Shadowknight on the roof of the hut.

"Amarant! What are you doing up there?" The Ogre peered down at them.

"Me hide from da baddies." Akira laughed.

"Why? You're more powerful than they are. You don't need to hide from anything."

"Yep. Amarant all-powerful. But Amarant not want to fight da baddies. Much work needed. So Amarant just hide on roof at night."

"I see. Well, I need your help."

"What you need?"

"I need to know how to construct the Demon Slayer Bow." Amarant seemed shocked at the request.

"Demon Slayer Bow?! What you need for?" Akira looked to Kryliene.

"Show him." Kryliene held up the Demon Amulet for Amarant to see. The fear of death filled his eyes.

"NO! YOU MUST LEAVE AMARANT NOW! LEAVE WOOD ELF! TAKE YOUR DEMON FAR FAR FROM AMARANT NOW!" Kryliene took a step back in shock. She hadn't expected the reaction. Akira tried to calm him.

"Amarant! Settle down, we need your help! Kryliene is running out of time, we need to know how to make the bow so we can destroy the Demon before it takes control of her!"


"Just tell us how to make the damn bow and we'll be gone! PLEASE, Amarant!"

"I TELL YOU. BUT SHE LEAVE FAR FROM AMARANT." Akira looked at Kryliene and sighed. "Sorry...I'll find out how to make it, then I'll meet you in Erudin?" Kryliene nodded, and teleported away.

"Okay, Amarant, she's gone. Now will you tell me how to make the bow?"

"Amarant tell you. Need six pieces. Vile Substance. Velium Bolt. Batling Eye. Dragoon Dirk. Hunting Bow. And one more, but Amarant not know what is."

"What? I thought you knew how to make the whole thing?"

"Me know more than most, but not know all. Ask Vmar. He might know."


"Tovax Vmar. Qeynos. Ask him."

"Alright, I will. Thank you Amarant."

"You be careful Akira. Demon dangerous."

"I will. Goodbye for now Amarant." Akira gated back to Erudin to meet with Kryliene.


Akira approached the gates of Erudin and realized instantly that something was wrong. The place was a mess. Bloodstains were everywhere; the ground, the walls. Corpses littered the ground. Sentinel Flavius lay dead not far from his post. Sentinel Drom was slumped against a wall nearby. Fires burned within the city. Akira noticed that Sentinel Drom was still alive. She moved to him and cast a healing spell on him. His wounds seemed to heal, and he opened his eyes. He was still dying, but Akira had bought him some time.


"Sentinel Drom, what happened?"


"What? Who did this?"

"Kr...Kry....Kryliene....destroyed everything...killed everyone...insane..."

"Kryliene did this?! Impossible! She's not powerful enough, there's no way she could kill everyone in the city!"

"She...has...some unknown...power. We couldn't touch her....spells had no effect...She was...invincible."


"She...didn't seem to be...herself. It's"

"Something was controlling her?"

" that. What has...happened to her?" Akira told him the story of the Demon Amulet.

" has taken control?"

"Apparently so. This is bad, this is very bad. I must find Fenani and let her know about this. I'm sure she can help."

"Yes. Save...Kryliene. Hopefully...she will not remember.........remember....ugh....what she...cough...has done...." And with that, Sentinel Drom died. Akira stood with her back to the burning city. The wind blew her hair around her face as she vowed to save Kryliene.

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