The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode IV

Kryliene and Akira appeared in an armada of light and sound, dropping to the ground, exhausted. A Druid near the ring saw the Dark Elf. "Hey, you there!" He started chanting a fire spell, but Kryliene stopped him.

"No, don't! She saved my life!" The Druid stopped the spell. "Oh? Well, fine. Just don't make any trouble Darkie..."

Kryliene and Akira walked off towards Erudin.

"Well, what now?" Akira asked. Kryliene shook her head.

"I don't know. We're both in pretty deep trouble," 'Especially me if the Militia knows what I think they know. Perhaps it's time to reveal myself and face the facts. ", but I don't know where we can go. Erudin is our best bet, although it will take a little while to convince the Erudites not to kill you."

Akira scoffed at that. "And how are YOU going to do that? It seems like you can't live in GOOD cities without being hunted."

"It's cool, I got it. Hide and watch," Kryliene said, walking towards the guards at the Erudin gate. Sentinel Drom saw her coming.

"Kryliene! We heard you ran into some trouble over near Freeport. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks. I was captured by the Dark Elves."

"CAPTURED?!" Sentinel Flavius exclaimed. "You mean they didn't kill you outright? Odd."

"Well, perhaps the 1500 platinum reward for me helped. It's only 500 if I'm dead, so I hear."

"1500 plats...whoa. They must really want you."

"Yeah, and for that much cash money, I'd almost turn myself in. But then there would be no point. Anyway, I need to talk to you private. I need a BIG favor."

"Sure," Drom said, as they stepped to the sides of the gate and a bit into the forest where noone could hear them, after instructing another guard to watch the gate for a moment. "Alright, what is it?"

"Akira?" Kryliene asked.

The reply came from somewhere behind them. "I'm here."

"Where?" Kryliene looked around for her new friend.

"Here," Akira said, suddenly appearing about 20 feet from them. The guards immediately reached for their swords.

"NO!" Kryliene shouted. The guards looked confused.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Sentinel Flavius asked Kryliene harshly.

"This is the favor I need. This is Akira, she helped me escape from Neriak. She was taken prisoner there for saving a human's life."

"And I suppose she wants a cookie for it," Flavius said scornfully.

"No, but I'll take one. I love cookies." Drom chuckled briefly, then said, "So what do you want us to do?"

"We need a place to stay," Kryliene informed him.

"Absolutely out of the question. Do you know what would happen if we let a Dark Elf into Erudin? We'd both be fired, maybe killed, and the commotion it would cause! I'm sorry Kryliene, you can stay here, as always, but I'm afraid I cannot allow your friend to enter."


"NO. Final answer." Kryliene sighed. What would she do now? She couldn't leave Akira alone out here, it was too risky. She was still pondering the question. Sentinel Drom had an afterthought. "However, since she helped you escape, I will instruct the other guards not to kill her, AS LONG AS she stays out of trouble, and more importantly, out of sight. If anyone sees her here, then --" The conversation was cut off by a blood-curdling scream coming from the forest, not far from the gates. They turned to see what was happening and saw a young girl running as fast as her slender legs could carry her towards the gate. Running just inches behind her was a pack of Kobolds, intent on killing her.

"Oh dear," Sentinel Flavius exclaimed, "That's Sir Brendan's daughter!!"

"Oh no, you're right! Come on!" The two guards drew their swords and charged at the kobolds, with Kryliene and Akira right behind them. The little girl tripped and fell, still a good thirty feet away from the now seven people, five guards, Kryliene and Akira, that were running towards her. The kobolds were on top of her in a flash. Kryliene and Akira skidded to a halt and began chanting loudly. Fire formed at Kryliene's fingertips and a blue light eminated from Akira's. Suddenly columns of fire rained down on the kobolds, scorching them, as Akira's spell healed the little girl's cuts and scrapes, saving her from certain death. Akira began chanting another spell, and again she summoned forth the deadly spikes that had killed the prison guard. Two of the kobolds dropped and Kryliene killed two more. Sentinel Drom slid in and sliced the final one to pieces. The five guards replaced their swords, seeing that the girl was safe. Akira chanted the healing spell again, and the little girl was covered with a blue-ish glow. The other three guards turned to see who they needed to thank, and, seeing Akira, flashed their swords in fear. Sentinel Drom commanded them to halt.

"Stand down men. This Darkie just saved Sir Brendan's daughter's life, as well as saving our Kryliene from certain death. She does not deserve to be killed here." Drom and Flavius spoke to each other quietly for a moment, then Drom told the girl to head home. She scampered off, thanking everyone, and the two guards walked up to Akira and Kryliene. Sentinel Flavius spoke to Akira.

"Thank you. The death of Cilia would not have taken well with Sir Brendan. Kryliene, Akira, come with us." They followed the guards.

"Where are we going?" Kryliene asked.

"To see Sir Brendan."

"Ahh. I see."

"Yes. I'm sure he will want to thank the two of you." Sentinel Flavius ran ahead to inform any guards along the way of who was about to come through, to ensure that they wouldn't kill Akira outright. They soon reached a nice home in Erudin and entered. In the living room of the home stood a tall, Erudite warrior. "Sir Brendan! You know Kryliene,"

"Hail sir," Kryliene said briefly." Sir Brendan just nodded, looking apprehensively at Akira.

"And this is her companion, Akira, a Dark Elf Cleric who was imprisoned for saving the life of a human. She also saved our Kryliene from dying, and just now she saved your daughter's life." Sir Brendan's attitude toward Akira changed immediately. He walked up to her and bowed briefly.

"You have my thanks, friend. It seems from Sentinel Drom's story that you are good of heart, and having demonstrated this multiple times, I am in your debt. Kryliene, thank you as well. Sentinel Flavius tells me you need a favor...?"

"Yes, sir, that is true. Akira and I need shelter. It seems that my home in Freeport is no longer an option for me."

"What you ask is difficult. The citizens here won't take kindly to a Dark Elf living amongst them."

"Yes, I know, but if you explain to them--"

"I can order that no one shall harm her, but even that doesn't guarantee her safety. If she is willing to take the risk, there is probably something I can do. Until I find out, stay here for tonight. If something can be worked out, we will set you up in the Inn tomorrow. I'll let you know in the morning."

Kryliene seemed relieved. "Thank you sir," she said.

"Think nothing of it. I owe it to the both of you. Get some rest, it's late. I'll see you in the morning. The misses will show you to your room."

Thirty minutes later, Kryliene and Akira settled down in a bed in the spare room. With the candlelight fading, Kryliene let out a long tired breath.

"Some day, huh?" Akira commented.

"Yeah. Hey, thanks for getting me out of Neriak." Akira nodded.

"Same to you. Y'know, we make a pretty good team."

"Yeah, I suppose..." Kryliene yawned loudly, rolled over, and was asleep before Akira could say anything more.

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