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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode X
Originally Part XV

23 days later, on the outskirts of West Freeport…

Fenani, Cate, Sesmar, Akira, and Lenina stood in a circle around Antissiairie. A fire elemental and a skeletal minion stood nearby, guarding their masters. Behind them, the entire Freeport Militia and the Knights of Truth were lined up in front of the city, ready for battle. Even the Dragoons of Neriak were present, ready to assist the world. The forces of Antonius Bayle from Qeynos were en route via sea and the Halfling Army was marching through Kithicor. The Wolves of the North, the Barbarians, were on their way as well with their strongest Warriors, all united with a single goal: Stop Kryliene, here, now. Antissiairie, however, was the key.

"This is it," Fenani said to the others. "This is what it all comes down to."

"Right," Antissiairie said solemnly. She was about to do what she had never hoped to do: attack her own sister. Both her parents were already dead. Kryliene was all she had left for family, and here she was about to kill her as well.

A Militia Captain came up to their circle. "We're ready," he reported. "Qeynos has arrived and their forces are lining up beside ours now. We have seven hundred and ninety eight soldiers from our two cities alone ready for battle. The Halflings will be here within the hour, they were reported marching through the Commonlands just minutes ago. It's time." Fenani nodded to him and turned to Kryliene's sister. They looked in each others eyes for a long moment, saying what needed to be said with their look alone. Antissiairie nodded, then knelt down in the middle of the circle. She looked to the ground and closed her eyes, as if praying to Tunare for guidance. She chanted something softly, over and over. "Blessings to the Carrier, Overcomer of Evil". This went on for an hour, then two, but they all knew the Demon would come.

Fenani's hair began to sway as a cool breeze began to blow. Leaves fell from trees as it picked up. An evil aura was carried on the wind, and the sky began to darken with storm clouds. Lightning crackled across the sky as a roar became audible in the distance, an almost evil laugh. The guards began to murmur amongst themselves as the light began to fade into dusk, even though it was still early in the evening. Suddenly the ground shook and a massive cloud of black dust appeared in the distance, sweeping towards Freeport at an incredible speed. As the dust got closer, it became evident that it was actually a massive wave of evil energy. Trees, rocks, inns, were all destroyed in the path of the wave.

"Oh no.." Fenani said, horrified. Antissiairie opened her eyes and looked up. Seeing the incoming wave, she stood up and stepped in front of the circle.

"No," she said, stretching her arms out to the side, swinging them around behind her, then moving them to the front of her with her palms outstretched. Her hands were glowing with a pure white glow. The black energy wave rushed on towards them. Antissiairie closed her right and and pulled it back to under her left arm, then threw it back to where it was. A ray of light shot out from her palm into the wave. Upon impact, it spread across the entire wave, turning it from an evil black to a pure white and dissipating it into nothing. As the dust cleared, a hulking Elven figure was standing opposite them all.

"Pathetic fool," Demon Kryliene growled.

"CHARGE!!!" The Militia Captain shouted. The army rushed Demon Kryliene, weapons high in the air. She let them approach for a moment, then raised her arms in a similar action to what Antissiairie had done, and a glowing purple wave of energy rushed forward and consumed the entire armada of soldiers, melting their skin and bones, dropping them instantly. Metal armor clanked to the ground as hundreds of helms, bracers, weapons, all fell, no longer being worn. Demon Kryliene seemed to smile at the sight. Only Fenani and her friends were left standing, apparently having been protected by Antissiairie.

"Get her," Antissiairie instructed. Fenani and Sesmar commanded their pets to attack, Cate rushed Demon Kryliene, and Lenina and Akira followed her, with several spells fresh in their minds. Demon Kryliene turned her attention to the rushing survivors, just as her sister had expected. She pulled the Demon Slayer bow with the Ethereal Arrow of Light from behind her and prepared to fire. Cate was the first to reach Demon Kryliene, and the first to feel her wrath as well. Demon Kryliene grabbed her sword as she swung it, snapped it in half with her bare hands, and then grabbed Cate's arm and lifted her into the air with it. Cate screamed in pain as Kryliene threw her towards the city. Cate smashed into the outer wall, two hundred feet away and fell to the ground, unconscious. Sesmar and her skeleton got there next and she tried to inflict a mortal fear into Kryliene, but she seemed to not be affected by it, so she tried to poison the Great Demon.

"Useless mortal. Your time is up!" Demon Kryliene growled as she put a fist through Sesmar's pet, obliterating it. Sesmar stepped back in amazement and shock, stunned, not knowing what to do...she was paralyzed as Demon Kryliene closed the gap between them.

"SESMAR!! RUN!" Fenani shouted as she ran towards her sister. Sesmar could do nothing but stand there with a look of fear on her face. Demon Kryliene reached her and grabbed her by the hair, lifting her into the air with a single hand. "SESMAR! NO!!!" Fenani threw a fireball at Demon Kryliene, trying to release her sister, but it hit her unnoticed. Kryliene lifted Sesmar higher. Fenani's sister screamed in pain, unable to break free as Kryliene threw her into the air. "SESMAR! GATE! NOW!" Sesmar started chanting the Gate spell, but before she could complete it, Demon Kryliene leapt into the air and snapped Sesmar's neck, killing her instantly. Sesmar's lifeless body fell to the ground with a thud. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fenani screamed, tears rolling down her face. Akira ran over to Sesmar's fallen body to see if there was any chance that she could save her. Lenina joined her and they began chanting healing spells, hoping to bring her back.

"You fools! How dare you attempt to undo what I have done!" Demon Kryliene said, raising a hand into the air. The ground underneath Akira and Lenina rumbled and then rose into the air, forming an earthen pillar, going up and up into the sky.

"DON'T YOU DARE!!!" Fenani screamed, hopelessly lost. Demon Kryliene waved a hand at Fenani, knocking her to the ground with an unseen force.

"Wait for your turn..." The Demon said, then spread it's hands apart in the pillar's direction. The pillar split in half, forming a massive V and causing Akira and Lenina to fall into the center of it. As they fell they began chanting Gate, but Demon Kryliene stopped them as well. She clasped her hands together and the pillar became solid again, crushing the bodies of Akira and Lenina. They were dead instantly. The Demon snapped it's fingers, and the pillar dissipated, causing their bodies to fall to the ground not far from Sesmar's. All Fenani could do was cry, all hope lost. The Great Demon turned to her.

"Now, you shall die with -- WHAT THE?!" A bolt of light streaked from the ground towards the Demon. It tried to move but wasn't fast enough. The Ethereal Arrow of Light smashed into Kryliene's body, bursting into white shining fragments. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Demon Kryliene fell to the ground, no longer able to float in the air. "I shall crush you for that!" She rushed towards Antissiairie, the source of the arrow, arms outstretched, ready to kill her. Antissiairie calmly drew a sword and when Kryliene was close enough, she drove it into her chest, stopping her in her tracks. The look on Demon Kryliene's face was one of pure shock. "How....I can't believe pathetic..." and then she fell to the ground, unconscious. Antissiairie removed the sword and knelt down beside Kryliene. Her sister was dead. Her only family, gone. Eternal sadness was the only thing she could feel right now as she put her arms around Kryliene and laid there crying.

Suddenly, Kryliene moved a little, and lifted her left arm and put it around Antissiairie. Kryliene's sister looked up at her as Kryliene opened her eyes. They were no longer glowing red, but now their normal color. Kryliene smiled at her. "Antissiairie...what happened?" Fenani, kneeling nearby in emotional pain, answered her bitterly.

"You did..." Kryliene sat up and looked towards Freeport as Fenani indicated. The reality and horror of what she had done set in on her as the hundreds of bodies lay stretched out before her.

"No......." was all she could say as an immense feeling of guilt settled in on her. "No..."

"Kry..." Kryliene looked at her sister. She nodded in Fenani's direction. Kryliene looked and saw the bodies of her friends...Sesmar...Lenina...and Akira.

"Oh no..." Kryliene said, horrified. "I ...did...that? Nooo," she said, crying. Fenani came over to her.

"It wasn't your fault, Kryliene...not entirely anyway. They knew they might die for this....but..." Fenani could not continue. The three of them could only sit there in grief as it began to rain.

At Freeport's outer wall, Cate stirred and sat up painfully. Several things were broken, she knew, but she would live. She looked out towards the Commonlands. She saw Kryliene, Fenani, and Antissiairie sitting there, all crying.

Cate smiled, knowing the world was safe from The Great Demon.



Kryliene Onsyou Kisaragi, Fenani Copperhold, Sesmar Copperhold, Cate Archer, Lenina Loire, Fenlael Loire, Akira, and Antissiairie “Krysiene” Kisaragi were/are all characters controlled at some point by the author.

Sentinels Drom and Flavius, Sergeant Slate, Guard Tolus, Guard Reskin, and many other characters are NPCs found in their respective locations in the story at the time of this writing.

Trallor Legerdemain is a longtime friend of the author.

Amarant the Ogre (Kithicor Forest) is fictional.

Harfin the Dwarf (Kaladim) is fictional.

The Great Demon is also fictional and does not exist to our knowledge in any of the EverQuest lore.

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