The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode II

On her arrival at Freeport, a drunken guard stopped her in East Commons. He made a pass at her, but she rejected him. He persisted, and she drew her Scimitar to ensure the rejection. He attacked her, and she was forced to kill him. Sargeant Slate saw the last half of the incident and shouted for the guards to find Kryliene and kill her. She was given no chance to explain the incident, so she had to Root the incoming guards and run. Wanted posters with her face on them went up all over Freeport and the Commonlands. She has not returned to the area since, and has all but moved into Erudin. She is now limited to Erudin, Qeynos, or Rivervale for her business. One day she entered Qeynos and the guards there had received the news of her 'crime', and they attacked her, but she craftily escaped by leaping onto the boat as it sped away from the docks. Once in Erudin, she was able to send a message to Antonius Bayle that explained her situation and what had really happened. Bayle understood and promptly removed the Kill On Sight order. Kryliene was once again free to roam the area, but as of today, the Freeport guards still have a bounty on her head.

Kryliene returned to Splitpaw after a short rest in Qeynos and continued her battle for another three months, at which point she headed out to North Ro again in search of a Frankel the Pirate. It was rumored he had information that may be of use to her. She found this pirate near a small dock. She asked him what he knew, and he told her of a great new land, the newly-discovered continent of Velious. She asked him how to get there, and he pointed at a rickety old boat that was sitting at the dock.

"Get on that and paddle East. You should arrive within two days."

Kry hopped on board and off she went. She arrived on an island in the Iceclad Ocean three days later, where she met Joshel the Large, a gnome.

"Where are the baddies?" she asked. Joshel the Small, err, Large, pointed behind him.

"Go that way, across the island. The Icebreaker will arrive soon. Get on board, it will take you to them."

Kryliene went and found a dock. A boat arrived soon enough and she rode it to an island. It was filled with gnome pirates and snow cougars. She found a group of adventurers in need of her skills, and joined them. She did well there, but returned the mainland for awhile with plans to come back to Velious soon.

She came to Erudin for awhile, deciding to take a short vacation and check up on the Freeport situation as well. She sent a messenger from Qeynos to Freeport, who returned several weeks later with news: The Freeport Militia was offering a bounty for anyone who brought her to justice, dead or alive. Kryliene teleported straight to Freeport, sneaking in to her North Freeport home to grab a few of her belongings. As she was sneaking out, a guard recognized her and called for the alarm. She Rooted the guard and ran for her life. As she entered the East Commonlands with guards high on her tail, she morphed into a wolf and raced for Nektulos Forest.

Entering the forest, she morphed into a tree and hid from the guards, but now she had another problem: The Dark Elf guards. After the Militia squad left the area, she returned to her normal self.

"Halt!" a voice shouted. Kryliene whirled around and saw the Dark Elf guard running towards her, she looked around, and saw three more coming from different directions. She was surrounded. She began to chant a random teleport spell as fast as she could, but before she could complete it, the guard reached her and smacked her on the head with the hilt of his sword. Kryliene fell unconscious...

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