The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode IX
Originally Part XIV

One month later…

Fenani, Cate, Akira and Lenina made their way through the ButcherBlock Mountains, having learned after another month of searching for the other components unsuccessfully that there may be a Dwarf by the name of Harfil in Kaladim who knew something useful.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the guards, except Akira, but they let her pass because of the other three with her. They asked around and eventually found Harfil. He was a sturdy Dwarf who was in a pub near the arena. They asked him about the bow.

"Aye, I've h`ard of it. It'za pow'rful weap'n, that there bow fact, if'n the price is right, I might'n be able to gitcha one." Fenani replied to him.

"How about the fact that if we have it the entire world won't be obliterated? Is that payment enough?"

"Nah, I don' give a damn 'bout the world, long as I gots' my seat here at this'n here pub, and plen'y of coin to fill ma cup with," the Dwarf said, laughing. Cate grabbed the Dwarf by his shirt and hoisted him up against the wall.

"You might not give a damn about Norrath," she said, glaring at him, "but we do. This Demon is all powerful and if we don't get that damned bow, all of Norrath will be destroyed, INCLUDING Kaladim. No more pub, no more drinks, no more nothing! Got it?" The Dwarf seemed suddenly sober as he nodded at Cate.

"Al`ight," he began. "Put me down a`ready, we got ta get movin'." Cate released the Dwarf. He tumbled to the floor, then stood up with a glare. "Now why'd ya hafta go 'n drop meh for, huh? Yer jes' lucky I'm a nice Dw`af, cuz other`ise ya wouldn'a be gettin' a thin' for treatin' a servant of Brell like that. An' of course we can`na have the world gettin' destroyed an' all that, y'know? Come on a`ready.." They followed the Dwarf to his house, crouching to get through the door. Once inside, he opened a chest in the corner of the room and pulled out an object wrapped in cloth and tied with a string.

"This is what yer lookin' for, methinks." He untied the string and lifted the cloth to reveal a blazingly bright shining bow. Light coursed along the edges and energy crackled along the string. Fenani stared with disbelief.

"The Demon Slayer..." she breathed, stepping forward.

"Yeh that what it be al`ight, now take it an' get goin' a`ready, so's I kin be gettin' back ta my drink." Fenani reached out and took the bow in her hand. It crackled loudly and threw her through the air. She crashed through the wall and landed outside the house.

"WHOA!" the others exclaimed. Akira went to see if Fenani was alright. She was, just in pain.

"Oh yeah," the Dwarf added. "I forgot ta mention, only cert`in adventr`ers can touch that direc`ly. Here," he said, wrapping it up in the cloth again. "Now ye can take it." Cate took the wrapped bow from him, thinking he probably let Fenani touch it unwrapped on purpose, knowing what would happen to her, as revenge for her own actions to him in the pub. She hoped that Demon Kryliene would come and destroy the pub before she got the chance to herself. The four of them left Kaladim.

"Well, we have the bow," Cate said.

"Yeah. We didn't even have to find the pieces..." Lenina noted.

"Miraculously, yes," Fenani said. "Now we have to find out who can actually use it. Cate?" They stopped in a secluded area of the mountain region and unwrapped the bow. Cate ran her hands just over the bow, not touching it just yet, in an attempt to see how it would react to her. It seemed normal, so she placed her hand on it...and found herself landing on the ground about forty feet away.

"Cate!" Lenina called. Cate got up off of the ground, looking frustrated.

"I'm alright...damn."

"Okay, so Cate's out...either of you want to try it?" Akira and Lenina looked at each other nervously, and decided that they might as well. They both found themselves on the ground a good distance away shortly thereafter.

"Damn...So it's none of us then," Fenani said. "Who else is there...?"

"Me," a voice said from behind them. They turned as one to see who was there. A young Wood Elven girl, about thirteen years old, with short, fiery red hair was walking towards them. "Let me try," she said, reaching down to pick up the bow. She placed her left hand on it and picked it up from the ground, holding it at eye level. The bow shone with a blinding light, gleaming as power emitted from it. A beam shot into the sky from the bow, calling down ancient powers from ages past, channeling them into the girl. There was a noise from above, and they watched as a glimmering arrow made of pure energy fell from the sky and attached itself to the side of the bow, waiting to have it's purpose fulfilled. Then the light disappeared and only the glimmering of the bow illuminated the area. The others looked at her curiously.

"Who are you?" Cate asked. The girl looked at her.

"My name is Antissiairie." Fenani understood now.

"Of course..." Cate looked at Fenani.


"Kryliene's sister." Fenani turned to Antissiairie Kisaragi. "It is nice to finally meet you."

"Thanks, I guess. So I guess Krylie needs me, huh? I had a dream last night, a vision almost, that I should come here today...I don't know why, but I saw myself standing here with four shadows, then I saw a bow that I was supposed to take. Then...I saw...the four shadows fighting a horrible enemy, and I saw the thing...nevermind that part, then I saw myself fire a mystical arrow into the I had to come here to see what it was about. It seemed too imposing to be a dream."

"Yes, you're right. Kryliene has been taken over by the Great Demon...Erudin has been destroyed, Freeport will be next...then the rest of the world. Apparently, you are the only one that can save her." Antissiairie thought about her sister having no control over herself, being manipulated by a great demon, and began to cry, yet she was filled with anger at the same time.

"I will free my sister..." she vowed. "I will set Kryliene free!" she shouted.

"Our time is short. We must go, now." Fenani informed her.

"Right. Come on." The four of them headed towards the docks to schedule a boat to Freeport.

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