The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

 Obligatory Introduction bit

The Demon Quest Saga. I wrote this in 2001 or 02, I forget which. The version you see here is mostly unchanged from the original writing, there are a few spelling/grammar corrections and the original fifteen parts have been condensed into ten.

The story was originally a background story for Kryliene (cry - lee - inn), my main character at the time (Xianghua, who I largely consider my "main" character, even after Cate took over, did not exist at the time, although she was planned to appear in a later story involving Kryliene which never happened. Lore-wise, Xianghua is the only one of my characters who did not "know" the others until much later than this took place).

This story is based in the world of Norrath, in very early EverQuest 1 timeline (before Shadows of Luclin existed). The premise, aside from being a background story for Kryliene, the main character of this story, was that I was going to run an in-game event based on this storyline for my guild. It just never ended up actually happening and I made a story of it instead. The lore and locations mentioned in the story were accurate at the time of writing.

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode I

Kryliene Onsyou Kisaragi. Many have heard her legend. Many more have not. And so, here begins the chronicle of The Great One...

Kryliene Kisaragi, born in Kelethin, was raised by her parents until she was seven years old, at which point her parents were called to battle. They had been chosen for a raiding party which was to travel to Crushbone to assassinate the leader of the Crushbone Orcs at that time. The entire party was eliminated with the exception of one soldier, a friend of Kryliene's parents who returned with the news. Kryliene was shattered, and vowed revenge on the Orcs. She took up training under a local Druid guild to refine her skills in combat and the art of magic. She was given a short sword by the sole survivor of the Crushbone raid, who was later killed in a skirmish just outside of Kelethin. She trained everyday for four long years, practicing hard and never giving up. One day she was out for her daily run when an orc pawn attacked her from behind. She was taken by surprise and without her weapon. She tried to run, but the orc battered her ruthlessly. She awoke to find herself back at her home, saved by a guard on patrol. Her hatred for the orcs grew and she decided that it was time for her quest to begin.

She set off for Freeport, where she fell under the instruction of a magician who taught her all that she had learned from her combat experiences. Kryliene took the advice to heart and improved her survivability even more. She took up employment in East Freeport, killing the critters there and just outside the city in North Ro for a small salary, but it was better than nothing. After she had saved up some gold, she traded in her sword and bought a scimitar. With her new blade in hand, she ventured further into North Ro, but discovered that it was far too dangerous for her, so she traveled back to Freeport to decide what to do next. That's when she heard that the Deathfist Orcs had invaded the East and West Commonlands, attempting to take over the land. Her past swept back to her and she immediately set out to the East Commonlands to take up the battle against the Orcs. She spent many weeks fighting them, suffered many injuries, and became a better fighter. However, she wanted to do more. These Orcs weren't much of a threat to the area, and it got to the point where she was able to overpower them easily. She returned to Freeport and asked around about the Orcs' movements, however, she wasn't able to learn much information. She was thinking about returning to the commons to resume the fight against the orcs when her Magician friend appeared in front of her.

"Kryliene," she said, "If it is Orcs you seek, there are Orcs in the Oasis of Marr. These orcs have moved in from South Ro and are threatening the land upon which the citizens of Freeport walk."

Kryliene jumped at this news, grabbed her Scimitar, and started to dash out of the door when the magician stopped her.

"Wait! You can't go to the Oasis is dangerous there, even for myself. Dry bones skeletons, ghouls, spectres, and sand giants wander about, not to mention the madmen. You must learn more before you can go there."

"But," Kryliene whined, "I want to go kill the orcs now!"

"No," the magician answered, "they are too strong for you. The Deathfist Orcs of the East Commonlands are nothing in comparison. Go to the Northern Desert of Ro and refine your skills there. Once North Ro is below you, you can proceed to the Oasis of Marr and resume your ongoing fight against the Orcs."

"Oh alright, fine," Kryliene huffed, clearly disappointed, but she knew the magician was right. She had heard tales of the horrendous creatures that resided in the Oasis of Marr from her friends and other passerbys. The next day, Kryliene set off for North Ro, where she took up fighting spiders, sand scarabs, shriveled mummies, and madmen. It took her some time to get adept at fighting in the desert, but after awhile she reached a point where North Ro was of little challenge to her. She considered staying there for a little while longer, but inside, her soul burned to see the blood of a thousand orcs spilled by her blade, and so she continued to the Oasis of Marr, where she is currently in the fight against the Deathfist Orcs.

Kryliene did well against the Orcs, finding many who were willing to help her out. After a few weeks fighting them, she returned to Freeport for a short leave, where she purchased a Combine Scimitar. She handed her older weapon down to an aspiring Ranger who was referred to as 'the Archer' by her companion, another Ranger. On her trip back to Oasis, a powerful Wizard appeared in front of her. He introduced himself as a friend of her Magician friend. He handed her a Velium Scimitar and continued on his way before Kryliene even had a chance to thank him.

She returned to the Oasis where she fought the orcs for several more weeks, killing thousands upon thousands of them, but eventually, she grew tired of it. Her combat skill had increased so greatly that these orcs were about as much challenge as the East Commons orcs. So, she decided where to go next. A friend told her that there were troublesome Tesch Mas gnolls in the Southern Plains of Karana, so Kryliene headed there at high speed. With her newfound ability to teleport herself around the world, it wasn't long before she arrived. She found the gnolls which her friend spoke of, and immediately joined a party to combat them. This went on for about a month, at which point she found the lair of these gnolls: Splitpaw. She entered with a group of adventurers and found hard yet rewarding battles within. After about three months of fighting within, she returned to Freeport for a vacation.

On the way there she met an aspiring Magician named Sandare Loire, one of the three royal Loire siblings. She was the the middle child: Not as proper as Lenina, yet not as wild as Fenlael. She took some time out of her life to teach the Magician some things and help her out with her basic training. They spent about a month working on the Magician's skills as Kryliene lent her healing powers to the young Sandare, but eventually, Kryliene had to move on. She was eager to return home to Freeport...

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