The Demon Quest Saga - Episodic Edited Version

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The Ownage of Kryliene, Episode VIII
Originally Parts XII and XIII

The madman crashed to the sand as the fireball exploded across his skull, killing him. Fenani grabbed two bottles of water from him and placed them in her pack, as well as boosting his small amount of coin. Next to her, a fiery elemental hovered, waiting for her. She continued on towards the Wizard teleportation platform, looking for Cate Archer. She cast Flare up into the air, hoping Cate would see it. As the ball of energy shot skyward, Fenani saw an arrow shoot up and smash into the energy ball, causing it to explode. Fenani walked towards the source of the arrow and found Cate near an encampment of Dervish Cutthroats.

"Hey, Fen, what's up?" Fenani answered her gravely.

"It's Kryliene. The Demon has taken her." Cate nearly dropped her bow.

"Oh no..."

"Yeah, it's bad. Erudin has been destroyed." This time Cate did drop her bow.


"Yeah. We've discovered how to make the Demon Slayer Bow, but we don't know where the components are found. One of them is a Hunting Bow, perhaps you know where it can be found?" Cate picked up her bow and strapped it to her back.

"BlackBurrow." Cate seemed to be dealing with something inside, but Fenani knew her past well enough to know that she had been reminded of her mother's death at the hands of the BlackBurrow Gnolls.

"Okay. Thanks Cate."



"How are you going to stop The Demon?" Fenani sighed.

"I don't know, Cate. I'm afraid it's more powerful than even myself, and even Kryliene has grown to be quite powerful on her own. The Demon Slayer will remove the Demon's invulnerability, but I'd have a hell of a time defeating Kryliene herself."

"But shouldn't the Bow kill the Demon? Why would you have to kill Kryliene?"

"Good point. Perhaps the bow will do the trick, although it is rumored to only kill its invincibility and make the Demon vulnerable to attack. As she is now, Demon Kry is invincible. The Demon Slayer will change that."

"But you don't want to kill Kryliene, do you?"

"No. But it may be the only way..." And with that, Fenani returned to Freeport.

Once home, Fenani informed Akira and Lenina what she had learned.

"So we go to BlackBurrow then?"

"No, only one of us needs to go. I need you two to poke around here for information on the other ingredients, I will go to BlackBurrow and retrieve the bow. Find out what you can, I will return soon. I'm meeting Trallor in West Commons, he is going to take me to North Karana, from there I will go to BlackBurrow. I will return as soon as I can." Fenani gated away, leaving Akira and Lenina alone.

One week later…

Fenani arrived at BlackBurrow, tired from the trip but eager to retrieve the item she came for. As she approached the entrance, one of the gnoll guards, one she had never seen before, rushed at her, intent on stopping her from entering their home. The other guard, who valued his life, just watched, shaking his head. Fenani mumbled a spell and flicked her hand at the charging gnoll, launching a fireball in his direction, killing him instantly. She walked through the entrance and stepped inside. Looking around, all she saw were tiny gnoll pups and a few scrawny gnolls. None of these carried bows, she knew, so she headed towards the door that would take her downstairs. Behind it, she could hear the sounds of battle. The cackling of a skeleton, the crackling of bones, the whines of a gnoll, and a voice she hadn't heard in a long time...

"Could it be?" she wondered, as she approached the door. Opening it, she got her answer. A human female about her age stood there, chanting dark spells while a skeleton stood at her side, attacking a gnoll. Fenani watched quietly as her sister fought the gnoll. But then something happened. A second gnoll ran around the corner and attacked the skeleton, obliterating it quickly. The Human stepped back, surprised, and suddenly the gnolls were upon her. She tried to defend herself with her dagger, but the gnolls had the advantage...


This was bad. Sesmar's pet had been destroyed, and now she was in trouble. She wanted to run, but she knew that the gnolls would never let her escape. She tried to fight them, but without the aid of her pet she would soon be killed. They knocked her down, beating on her, and she thought that all was lost. But then she heard a familiar voice chanting a spell, then shouting "Konarn, DESTROY THOSE GNOLLS!" She felt the heat of the fire elemental and then sparks rained down on her body as a fireball consumed one of the gnolls. The other one tried to run, but the fire elemental finished it off. She slowly got to her feet and looked to see who she had to thank, knowing who the voice was but not knowing at the same time. It sounded familiar, but she couldn't remember who it belonged to.



"Hello Sesmar. Long time no see."

"Yeah, I guess not. What are you doing here? Are you visiting father and uncle, or just stopping to say hi to Nerissa? I see you managed to include me in your visit this time, eh?"

"Oh give it a rest, Sesmar. It's not my fault that you chose the dark arts over the light ones. You act like you deserve to be liked everywhere, come on. You know as well as I do that people fear you. They always will, sister of mine or not."

"Just because I'm more powerful than you doesn't mean you have to be jealous..."

"More powerful than me? Okay, then I take it you can deal with those gnolls on your own next time, huh?" Sesmar looked down in defeat. Fenani had her there. She decided to drop the argument.

"So why are you here anyway?"

"It's about Kryliene, she's been taken over by The Great Demon. My companions and I are attempting to construct the Demon Slayer Bow which will save her, we think anyway. One of the pieces can be found here."

"I see. What piece?"

"A simple Hunting Bow." Sesmar reached into her pack and pulled out a wooden bow.

"You mean one of these?" Fenani's eyes lit up.

"Yes, Sesmar, one of those. May I have it?"

"I suppose so. I find them all the time. Here." Sesmar handed Fenani the bow.

"Thank you, here take these. I found them on the way here." Fenani gave Sesmar a bag of bone chips. "Thought you might need em."

Sesmar smiled as Fenani gated away.

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