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This contains older news entries spanning way back so the front page doesn't scroll for years. It contains literally every main page news update I've ever posted, dating back to pre-launch. Nothing you haven't seen before, unless you're new to the site =)

1.1.14: Happy Noob Year!
     *Rant #31 - Fucking Society! Shit just got real...
     *Fixed a couple of errors in metadata.

10.11.13 Holy crap it's an update... with content! This morning I woke up and remembered something that I could do a rant on and so, here you have Rant #30: It's Not Even Funny...
I also made a slight edit to the Hashtags on Facebook rant, a quick two line comment about how they are supported there now. Head on over to the bottom of that rant if you're interested to see what I have to say about that.

On a side note, if you just happened to visit the site in the last week or two randomly, you may have noticed big red text about one of my friends being reported missing. She was found safe a few days ago, in case you were wondering what happened with that.

9.27.13: You may (or may not) have noticed
that the site went down for a day. I'm betting not. Anyway, domain name expired, blah blah, not much money on hand to renew it but I did it anyway and I was under the impression that renewing the sitebuilder thing would also renew the domain. Thanks for lying to me on that one, Yola. Regardless, it's fixed for the next year. I know it's been a good 5 months since the last update. I've been ... lazy. Hey, it happens. I'm still alive, but I don't have much planned for the site for the immediate future. Winter is coming, though, and I'll have more "indoors" time and who knows, maybe I'll get some more stuff on here. We'll see. As usual, if you care to be notified about any future updates -- dat Twitter. That's pretty much the only thing I use Twitter for anyway, so I won't likely clog up your feed.

4.27.13: Alright... I know... This isn't exactl'next week' like I said. More like "2 months later", but y'know, whatevs. I gave you two new rants, will that satisfy you for now? Changelog:

     *Rant #28: Chick Flicks Are All The Same! added
     *Rant #29:! added
     *Fixed the old "Rage" text in each rant, changing it back to "Rant" since I forgot to when I did the revert last update.
     *Fixed most (if not all) of the metadata that was causing some of the Rants to be listed as the rant before it on the tabs (a result of using the Save As... feature for Rants and forgetting to change that data in the past)
     *Removed the Facebook comment widgets from all of the Rant pages, use the one on the Rants home screen now for Rant-related posts.

3.4.13: Content Revert! So after several months, I decided I didn't like the Rants section changes. It ends up taking more space the new way, so I put it back to how it was before, which I had to do manually since I didn't have the foresight to save a backup copy when I changed it to begin with.

Anyway, I'm working on new stuff finally. Give me a week and I'll have a content update. New Rant, new parody maybe (working on that now). I know it's been a while, but that's how it is 'round here.

8.5.12: Content Update/Redesign! Lots of changes with this update! Let's get to it!

     *The Rants section has been redesigned (and renamed to Rage Time!). The Rant Selection is no longer a text link, though the current images for them are only placeholders.
     *Added Facebook Comment support to all Rage Time! pages and several other sections of the site.
     *Removed the lol-wut and LIVE sections. If you want to watch the rare times I broadcast, follow @MNIViolet on Twitter.
     *New Rant: Cell Phone Walkie-Talkie Retards!
     *The Feed: Go There. Now. You MUST see the video for this update. Don't even look at the other stuff. Just go.

7.17.12: I'm working on revamping certain pages of the site to a (hopefully) better format. The next content update will see these changes go live, if they work out. Web design isn't my area of expertise, I just have some ideas to try out. If they work, great, you'll see them. If not, you won't. Next content update should include a new rant.

7.15.12: Two months later... Yes, this is generally how my update schedule will probably go forever: When I feel like it. To make up for the two month delay, TWO new Rants have been added: #25: That 90s Kid Meme and #26: Stupid Huge Sunglasses.

Next update I'm going to be removing the LIVE section and possibly lol-wut as well. If I'm going to livestream, it'll be announced on Twitter. There's no need for a whole section of the site to be devoted to it, and since you can find retarded quotes in a billion other places on the internet, lol-wut has been deemed not necessary.

I'll also be revamping the rants section too in the near-ish future (so like, 2013 lol) to make it a bit shinier and hopefully easier to navigate. At least, that's the plan.

In non-site-related news, I've been killing time with DayZ lately. You've probably heard of it if you've spent any amount of time on the internet and do research on games. It's basically a zombie apocalypse survival simulation and, despite its current buggy state, it's rather amazing (not to mention one of the hardest games I've ever played). It's based on ArmA II: Combined Operations, so if you're interested in teaming up with me and my friends for some zombie slaying (avoiding) and trying to survive, you'll need that and to somehow add me on Steam. I'm not going to promote the mod or talk about it here, there's enough info out there already. Just "DayZ" into YouTube or Google to learn all you need. Be warned: It's extremely fucking hard to survive, but it's supposed to be realistic, and it completely delivers in that aspect. I highly recommend it.

Also, I mentioned Portal 2's PTI last update. I have six maps now, and you can try them out at the same link below if you're so inclined.

I'll also be moving in the next 2-3 months, so once that happens I'll be able to put out more content, as well as new types of it (videos, anyone?!). So I'm looking forward to that.

Anyway, see you next time!

5.13.12: I'm a few days late with this, but that's okay. The new rant that I said I'd "probably" release is not here yet, but the final episode of The Demon Quest is, so until I get that rant finished, enjoy the epic conclusion.
     Also, I've been pretty busy with the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. I've made 2 maps with it so far, look for them in the Steam workshop under Violet Frost.

5.4.12: Episode IX! One to go, aww yeah! The ending of the serial is pretty intense given my 'meh' writing skills back in the day. At least, that's my opinion, but hey. Anyway, that'll be next Friday, just in time for Diablo III's release the following Tuesday, and then you may not see much of me for a bit. Sorry! Also, new rant soon. I've begun work on it already. I'll probably release it next week with the final episode of the serial. Also, fixed a broken link in one of the episodes that I hadn't noticed until tonight.

4.27.12: Content Update
It's not a new rant (though one is coming sometime in the next month, I'm just currently building anger at the topic, eventually it will explode here and blind a lot of girls *hint*), but I haven't updated The Demon Quest Saga for a few weeks. I've made it a goal to get that done before Diablo III comes out in about two weeks. With only two episodes left, it shouldn't be too difficult. The next two Fridays will see the final two parts. Until then, here's Episode VIII.

4.5.12: Content update (yes, again!)

     *Rant #24: Hashtags on Facebook is now live! Speaking of annoying.
     *Episode VII of The Demon Quest Saga is up. Only three to go!
     *I forgot to mention last week that I removed the About Me section. So yeah. That. (not the miniature one under the Social links)
     *Also removed Google+ and MySpace from the social links.
     *And the +1 button for G+ that was just below that.

     Please remember that the rants are mostly for entertainment purposes about various subjects, and while these things DO annoy me, I'm not actually going to run around wishing death and dismemberment upon people that do whatever I'm ranting about. Society is already too sensitive about the stupidest things as it is, don't add to the pile by being offended by the section. And if you are, well, I've got two words for you...

3.30.12: Content update.
     *Rant #23: Reverse Emoticons is now live! This is one that seriously bothers me.
     *Episode VI of The Demon Quest Saga is up.
The next update will come "when it's done". But that will probably be one of the days I'm off this next coming week. I only have one Rant topic left in mind, so beyond that I'll have to come up with some new ones. I'm a pretty easy going kinda guy, so it's hard to find things that piss me off. But we'll see what the future of that section holds...

3.29.12: Fixed several errors, a few broken links, a few instances where links in a rant linked to the old site (how did I overlook that one?), and some general formatting convention errors in some of the rants. I'll be fixing more stuff as I find it. Rant #23 will be live in less than 24 hours (unless I die today), sometime after 2am central I expect. Bedtime now, then work, then rant time!

3.25.12: Fixed the fact that I forgot to link Rant 22 in the Rants section. Oops.

3.24.12: This long awaited latest content update is here! Sorry it took so long, I've been busy with SWTOR, Saint's Row: The Third, and several other games. Here's the changelog.
     *Rant 22: PINK is now live! The comic at the start of it was made by the website Comics by Kyle (yes, the actual HTML coding of the site drew this by hand... sigh. It's called a shameless plug, dickmilk) specifically for this rant. Thanks Kyle!
     *The Demon Quest Episodes IV and V are now live.
     *Fixed a few more heading errors that I noticed.

3.23.12: Okay, I just realized that I never finished posting the EverQuest serial. It's kind of sad that I'm only realizing that now, but having gaming as an addiction will do that to you I suppose. So here's the deal - later today, Saturday, or Monday (I'm honestly not sure which yet), I will be posting Parts 4 and 5 of the serial. I'm also currently (as in, right now, after I get done with this paragraph) writing Rant #22, which will possibly be a special collaborative thing with someone, I'm still talking to him about that and we're going to discuss it more later today after we both wake up. I do have four rant topics (counting #22) waiting in the wings to be written, I've just been lacking the motivation to do it. Anyway, that being said, I'm off to find some food and get Rant #22 pounded out and the next two serial parts posted, and I PROMISE I will release the last five parts in the coming month, on Thursday/Friday night/mornings, or maybe even two parts a week. I know I've been really failing on creating new content, but like I've said several times, I do this for fun/boredom's sake, not for a living, so I don't really HAVE to update it now, do I? :)

     And speaking of EverQuest, it's free to play now, though slightly gimped in the way that EverQuest II is, but it's there if anyone wants to check out one of the forefathers of MMORPGs. It's pretty shitty now compared to what it used to be though. It's been dead for like seven expansions now.

     Also, a fun note: One of my friends told me last night (in the drive-thru, no less) that she read the Fast-Food Customers rant and it's pretty much caused her to rehearse her orders so she doesn't fuck anything up. I've paraphrased her words, but that's the gist of it. I thought that was pretty awesome.

     Anyway, productivity: Go!

3.19.12: For anyone wondering, this site is not "dead". It's just a very low priority for me right now. I'm mostly busy with work and gaming, though nothing super important, I just haven't had any motivation to sit here and add all the new content that I have planned yet. It's mostly wake up, work, game till morning, sleep, repeat. Here in a few months though, probably May or June, I'll be able to get some real stuff done. I just currently lack the privacy to work on anything serious, and there's a super loud and annoying bird in the background so I can't make any videos where I have to record my own audio, either. It's a real pain, but updates will come... when they're ready.

11.27.11: Busy schedule (filled with gaming, mostly) has prevented me from doing anything here since the last time I said I would. By way of apology for anyone that cares about stuff I post, I'll have a lot for you for Christmas. If you happen to be seeing this on the day I've posted it, I'll be playing the final beta of SWTOR most of the day, check the LIVE section for that broadcast. I'll be broadcasting for a good portion of the day and overnight, no matter what I end up playing. If there's no broadcast going on (it'll likely be via livestream, but possibly xfire), then I'm not playing any game at the moment.

     Also, anyone that might want to meet me - I'll be at the VNV Nation concert in Chicago this coming Tuesday, likely near the front right as usual, though this is a venue I've not been to before, so hopefully they don't have seating (and hopefully it's not sold out, I've been slacking/lacking on money to get the tickets until tomorrow).

10.21.11: New content update will happen later today/early tomorrow(as in, Saturday). Why I'm not doing that now is because of Dungeon Defenders, easily my favorite game right now. (20 hours in 2 days - that's like 10 hour sessions pretty much). I'll get to it when I wake up tonight. Oh, I changed the url of the LIVE section, so if for some reason you had that particular page bookmarked, you'll need to change it. It's just /live.php now. Reason? So it fits into Tweets more easily.

10.14.11: Okay, so I lied. Instead of releasing "You're a Homo", I released "Framerate For Nothin'". The reason for this is I have to make a few changes to the previous song before I make it public. It was written to be specifically directed at one of my friends, using him in it by name. So I'm going to change that before I make it public.
     *Rant 21: Allergies
     *New Song Parody: Framerate For Nothin'
     *Feed updated (as with every content update; this is the last time I'll mention a Feed update)
     *Fixed the first two Reviews (their links were broken, somehow).

On the next update I'll probably be taking down the "About Me" section and replacing it with something else of unknown content at this time, so read it while you can. I'm going shooting on Sunday (probably). Maybe I'll film some of it and post it online?

10.12.11: Episode 3 of The Demon Quest serial is out. Rant 21 and the "You're a Homo" song parody on Friday. The Fast-Food Customer Awards are coming soon, so stay tuned! Follow Twitter for snippits before I release the actual page containing the full list of them! I'll also be changing the site layout soon, I think. I need more room for section headings at the top. Of course this will involve doing a new logo, because the current one is not actually transparent as it appears to be. If you look at it very closely you can see that the background of the site was copy/pasted and that logo drawn over it, then the entire thing was placed up there. It's not perfect, but it goes unnoticed by your average user, but I'll have to redo that if I change the site layout. Oh well, such is life :)

Also, I feel I should clarify something about the "1 year" update, considering that there are some rants here listed as being posted more than 2 years ago. It's because those rants, and some posted in 2010, were on MySpace originally, and the original incarnation of this site which wasn't very good. Basically, it can be explained with this equation: Different webhost + Different layout + Total crap = Doesn't count.

10.9.11: Demon Quest Episode 3 will release on Wednesday, and the "You're A Homo" song parody on Thursday night/Friday morning sometime. For now, however, enjoy the following:
     *New Rant: Coning!
     *Updated Feed.
     *A few edits to the Fast-Food rant.
I was having some issues getting today's changes to show up after publishing them, but I think the webhost is just being slow. You might have to refresh the page several times, or clear your cache and come back to it. I'm also having trouble getting the Rant 20 links to actually work and go there, but hopefully that'll be all sorted out by the time you actually read this...

10.6.11: Episode 2 of The Demon Quest serial is out. That is all.

10.2.11: Okay, so I'm a day late. Only because I had to work from 5 to close. Ahh, the 1-year update is finally here. The site, you may notice, looks a tiny bit different. Anyway, let's get to the changelog, shall we?
     *Reversed the Home page layout.
     *New (current!) picture of me and my actual monitor, no more of that outdated crap.
     *Added Google+ link.
     *New Section: Serials!
     *New Section: Song Parodies!
     *New Rants: YouTube Comments & Elusive Girls!
     *New Review: Alpha Protocol!
     *Combined the Gaming & Steam with the LIVE page to get a more condensed version of the two.
     *Edited About Me slightly.
     *Added a new tidbit to the Angelfalls section.
     *Moved all of the 2010 News entries to the archives.
     *The Archives are no longer on the menu, but you can still view them.
     *New Video on The Feed.
     *Re-linked the 2CELLOS video. It was taken down (set to Private), so I found a new copy of it and just changed the link to that.
     *Re-linked the XBOX 360 Achievements in Real Life video. It too was taken down. Unfortunately I had to replace it with a lower-quality version, but such is life.
     *Also fixed the Wrong Hole link. It was going to a full-screen only version, for some reason.

So the site is a year old now. I have no idea if I have any sort of fanbase or regular visitors, which I find unlikely due to the lack of regular content updates, but hey. It's hard to do updates when your main thing is rants, and I ran out of topics to bitch about for a while. I have a few more coming, but my focus is going to shift to Parodies and Serials, so there will be more content flowing soonish, especially with winter fast approaching and me going outside less (less than never? I guess...).

For a while there will be weekly updates, on Thursday night/Friday mornings, while I add Parodies and Serials. I have several of these ready to go, so keep checking back, follow Twitter to be notified when I update, and so on. I have at least two more Rants coming up in the next month, so be alert for those as well. I also plan to move in the next four months, and when I do that, I'll start converting the rants to video. That will be fun, I just don't have the privacy to do it in my current living situation. Anyway, enjoy the new content, and thanks for sticking around (if you have - if you're new here, then welcome aboard, bookmark me, etc!).

Note: I changed a LOT of things with this update. If you see anything broken, out of place, typo'd, etc, please let me know via my e-mail address. Especially on the window title bar, those are the easiest to miss since I copy/paste/edit a lot of pages to make new ones.

8.10.11: It's my sister's birthday today, and for that... well, I'm not really doing anything I wouldn't do on a normal day, but I did catch some errors here on the site (mostly in the window titles being wrong) and fixed those. Hopefully that's the last of the broken things until I make a new update and break more things. Nothing new, no new Feed update since I just did one four days ago. That's all for now. 10.1.11

8.6.11: I edited the Fast-Food Rant a bit, added things, changed things (that's called "editing", as I've just said, by the way). Not much in the way of new content elsewhere on the site though. The aforementioned rant has been edited significantly enough that it requires a complete re-reading, if you've read it before. Also, as usual, The Feed was updated. Also, for anyone that may be keeping track, the site is nearing 1 year old. Maybe I'll do something special for that...

7.24.11: Just made a few small changes to the YouTube rant (hint: the very bottom) and the Angelfalls section (again, bottom)

6.19.11: I was bored and came here today to look around a bit and reread all the rants. I caught of few errors in one of them (Twilight) and a wacked out link in two others and fixed those. Also some minor updates scattered around, but nothing majorly new worth noting. Steam game updates, Feed updates, etc.

4.24.11: Angelfalls section. 
This isn't the uber new section I promised either, but it's been ages since I updated anything. I added a Minecraft section too, but that's a private area (though it's at /minecraft for those curious [and smart] enough to access it) since it is really only relevant to those that play on our server. Of course, The Feed is updated too, and the Steam games section as well.

12.8.10: Xfire section. No, this isn't the uber new section I mentioned earlier. Just bringing it over here from the old site, complete with an embedded viewer.

12.1.10: December News Update Mmkay so here's just a bit of info, proving I am indeed not dead, and still planning a site update within the next two weeks or so. I still can't promise it will be all that big, though, as I've been busy with things (ahem, gaming) and such. I picked up another 1TB hard drive today, and will probably get a third one in two weeks or so, which will occupy my last available SATA slot and give me about 3.5 TB of drive space in total. I might splurge and make it a 2TB drive, but we'll see. This means I'd have plenty of space to do vids. As I mentioned previously, I also wiped my computer's OS (via replacing the drive it was on) and everything is fresh and new now, so the comp is running quite nicely right now (not that it wasn't beforehand, but it has less useless stuff and registry errors slowing it down now). Anyway, in the next few days I have to recover some files from the old drive (no space for it at the moment until I get my extra power supply cables to hook it up with) and try to remember what the new section I was gonna make is, or come up with a new one. To tide you over, I've added a new video to The Feed to last until the next update. Catch you in a few weeks!

11.16.10: News Update Apparently, I lied. No content update. Why? I'm out of topics at the moment to rant on, that's why. The next update will be in December. I'm adding an entirely new section, and that will be the focus of the next several content updates. I also WANT (doesn't mean WILL) to release the first of the rants on video. It's something I have to look into, as I really don't know how to use Premiere Pro that well. I'll have to do some tutorials and maybe buy the newer version of it (or, upgrade, rather). It's really something I want to do, but actually accomplishing it is a whole project that I *do* have time for, but I hate trying to learn new things. Also, I need to buy another set of 1TB hard drives beforehand (video molests HD space). I'm going to be completely wiping my computer out one of these days and getting it organized, but I need new drives first. Anyway, another reason for the lack of content updates the last two weeks is, with my recent breakup and attempting to have a social life outside of the internet once again, and chatting with this girl that I really really want to be with but it's gonna take a lot of planning and work (she does not live nearby at all), I just haven't had time for it. But I'll get this new section up in December (early to mid) and hopefully make it interesting. There may yet be a content update before then, so check back now and then, or follow me on Twitter and you can be notified that way. See you in December!

11.9.10: News Update There will be a content update this week, I promise. Probably Wednesday. I have a lot to do tomorrow and Wednesday, so I can't promise it will be a large one (that's what he said?), but it will come (that's also what he said). I only have one rant topic left, but I'll get more soon. And I might start converting the old rants to Video Rants in the very near future, if I can get my editing software to stop failing and putting those boxes around the actual video. Anyway, catch ya in a few days.

 11.1.10: News Update Unless I do it tonight, there probably won't be a content update this week. It's just been a really bad week and I don't feel like doing anything. Also, I'm nearly out of rant topics. Anyone got any ideas?
I corrected a few mistakes from last update and changed the video on The Feed. I will not change this video at the next content update if it hits this week, but some of the changes I made had to be pushed forward today (for example, Rant #17: Facebook was listed as #16 when it clearly was not #16).

10.26.10: Content Update So I made a video just for this update (removed now), but here's the news anyway. Today's update brings about the question, "What's the rant this week?" - I'll tell ya what the rant is, it's FACEBOOK. OH YEAH. I hate it, and now I'm gonna tell you why. But first, let's cover the updates.
     *Rant #17: Facebook is now live
     *Tiny update to About Me
     *Update to Steam Games: Fallout: New Vegas added, as well as a link to my profile on Steam.
     *If you want that picture on The Feed, get it now, I'll be removing it at the next update.
     *Corrected the link to Minecraft below. It's .net, not .com. My bad!
Next Update: Unknown at this time.

10.23.10: News Update
Not a lot to mention, just figured I'd drop a quick update and state that the next content update will hit Tuesday. Monday if I'm unlucky, but more on that later. Been playing the crap out of Minecraft and ... wow what a timesink. See ya next week.

10.18.10: Content Update Not a huge update today, and I was only going to unlock a single rant, but I decided to be nice and give you two.
     *Rant #15: GameSpy is now live
     *Rant #16: Radio is now live
     *Tiny update to lol-wut?
     *New Video on The Feed (I'll stop mentioning this entry in future updates, it will happen every time).
     *I started playing Minecraft, as noted on the Steam section. My free time is officially hosed.

10.17.10: News Update The next (although small) content update will be here in a little bit (tomorrow), but I wanted to make note of the fact that I replaced my broken PlayStation 2 today. This means the DDR X review will appear in one of the next few updates. I played it for a few today and right now I'm struggling to get the audio/video synced up so it's actually playable. Damn HDTV's. DDR X does a lot of things differently and the review is going to be pretty mixed on positives and negatives from the little bit I did get to play today. Aside from that, things are pretty much normal. Oh, and as a follow-up to the tweet about yesterday sucking horribly - it did, for the most part, until about 5 when Sarah showed up. Things got a little brighter then... but I was still terribly ready to go home when 8 rolled around. See ya tomorrow-ish. (By tomorrow I mean the 18th, which is in a few hours). Beginning to update as soon as I post this.

10.11.10: Content Update
     *Rant #14: Celebrity 'News' is now live (A.Lev 2)
     *My first actual blog post is up
     *Added new section lol wut? to NavBar
     *Added new section The Archives to NavBar
     *New Video on The Feed
     *Rearranged the NavBar as well
     *About Me updated a bit
NEXT UPDATE (est): 10.17.10

10.8.10: News Update
I'm preparing for the next content update tonight (which will come on Monday). A new rant and a new section (possibly), and some more updates to About Me will happen. Nothing huge. Follow on Twitter for ramblings about when this will happen. I might broadcast live as I make the updates this time, not sure.

10.5.10: Content Update A fairly large update this time, two new rants, new video (as usual), and an entire new section, 'About Me', now appearing in the NavBar at the top. I considered broadcasting live as I made these updates, but unfortunately, I didn't consider it until after I was already done ;)

     *Rant #12: Fast-Food Customers is now live
     *Rant #13: The Only Exception is now live
     *Added 'About Me' section which has lots of little details that you probably don't care to know about me.
     *Added Steam Game Nation Red to the list of games I have
     *New Video on The Feed: Sintel
     *Added Google Analytics (this change will be invisible to everyone but myself)

10.4.10: Pre-Update Just made one change today, I added "Annoyance Levels" to all the rants. These are a reflection of how annoyed the topic at hand makes me, sort of a 'seriousness' meter for the rant. Anyway, I'll be updating tomorrow with a new rant (it might not be the Fast-Food one though it is 'next' in line). I didn't update The Feed, either. That will happen with the main update tomorrow, but just a hint of what it's going to be... it rhymes with Intel.

10.1.10: LAUNCH DAY (sort of) Sorry I'm late, I unexpectedly had to work today and, as such, haven't had time to do everything I needed to do to get the site live. There are a few issues with all the content I said I'd deliver today, mainly, we won't be seeing the review of DDR X for a bit. The reason being is my PlayStation 2 decided that the AV output wasn't important and it stopped working, so I'll have to replace the PS2 before I can do said review. However, the rest of the content is being brought live as I write this. Site updates include:

     *Rant #10: ATI Drivers
     *Rant #11: Intel's new DRM
     *New Video on The Feed: Kitten Freaks Himself Out

Rant #12 will unlock soon, I promise. I'm waiting to write it till I have a bad day at work and I come home pissed off, though, that's rare.

Final note, I wanted to have a lot more stuff ready for the launch but the extra hours I've been picking up at work aren't making it easy, that + gaming time that is mandatory ;) I'll get some neat stuff up soon hopefully though. And I will update weekly, usually on Wed or Thur, Friday at the latest, even if it's only some news or to add a new video or image to The Feed. Make sure to follow on Twitter for more infos and such! I make a note there whenever I update here.

Things from the old site will be moving here slowly. Follow on Twitter for notes about when things get moved and such. Links below the pic. Expect a new pic to be posted on official website launch day too (this date is TBA but is sometime next week most likely).9.23: All the current rants and reviews are here now. Old news will NOT be brought over (any articles dating prior to "Launch Day"). You can view them on the old site if you care. There's not a whole lot left to do to get this one ready; some logo designs, changing a few images, adding a page or three here and there. For those that missed the boredom of me doing todays edits on LiveStream... well... sorry. I announced it on Twitter so if you're following me then you may have known about it and got to watch me work on the changes today. Perhaps you also may have seen how damn EASY and SMOOTH this new webhost is to work on. I spent maybe an hour bringing the rest of the content over today, it's that fast. This includes adding some new content (logos and stuff) to the reviews. So nifty. Anyway, the official launch day is probably sometime next week, depending on my work schedule, which I'll find out in an hour.

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